The “Ghost Of Kyiv”

As the war rages in Ukraine I have been pointing out that Zelensky has employed PR firms to help with the messaging of the war….and this is one of the myths spread to garner support…..

The myth invented was the outstanding kill ratio of a single Ukrainian pilot….and the tale went viral as so many of these things do….

The viral tale of the so-called “Ghost of Kyiv” — a lone Ukrainian ace fighter pilot credited with at least six kills in the skies, with some claims putting the number up to 40 — has been officially denounced by the Ukrainian military after a pilot who died in March was identified as the Ghost by multiple media outlets, including The Times of London.

“The Ghost of Kyiv is alive and embodies a collective image of the highly qualified pilots of the tactical aviation brigade successfully defending Kyiv and the surrounding region,” Yuriy Ignat, a Ukrainian Air Force spokesman, told The London Times, after the paper, citing “Ukrainian sources,” identified the pilot as Maj. Stepan Tarabalka and reported he had been shot down on March 13 while fighting “overwhelming” enemy forces.

The urban legend of the “Ghost” spread fast over social media early in the war, with the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense even tweeting out a video it claimed showed the pilot beating a Russian jet. The footage was later revealed to be from a flight simulator. As Jared Keller noted at the time, it seemed like the spectral pilot was just a modern urban legend for the digital age — and he was right.

Notably, while Ukraine’s denial of the ‘Ghost’s’ existence is new, news of Tarabalka’s death is not. NPR reported on the pilot’s demise in March and even interviewed his parents. He is buried in the town of Korolivka. However, officials and family members who spoke with NPR’s Eric Westervelt made no mention of the Ghost of Kyiv or claimed he was Tarabalka. Westervelt noted that Tarabalka had flown sorties in 2014 during the initial fighting in Ukraine’s Donbas region. His kill count in the skies has not been disclosed, although Ghost or not, it’s incredibly unlikely he got the 40 mythical kills of the viral legend.\(

This is how you set about making something or nothing…..I believe that is called propaganda.

My question is…if they lied about this what else is false?

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13 thoughts on “The “Ghost Of Kyiv”

  1. Believe me, they have lied about absolutely everything. In fact, the whole Russian invasion of Ukraine is a hoax, fake news! That Zelenskyy is a nasty little guy and America should be sending weapons to Russia and not to Ukrainians. Right?

    1. Why is it so hard to believe…do you want fake news…..there is at least one so far… one doubts that Russia did not invade Ukraine to pretend otherwise is just silly….FOX News is enough BS. chuq

      1. I want confirmation of the truth of the news that Russia has invaded Ukraine. Russia has said that they never invaded Ukraine. The only word we have that they did invade is the lying assed Main Stream Media.

      2. I am kinda sure it was invaded….even Russia says it is a special operation….so they invaded but that does not stop the disinformation. chuq

  2. I remember seeing that clip, and the same clip had been taken from a popular video game.
    I watched the news about Mariupol at lunchtime, but most of the footage was credited to the Azov Battalion. It’s hard to know when any of it was actually filmed.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  3. It was all filmed on a Hollywood sound stage near Anaheim, California if you ask me. Why is everybody so down on poor old defenseless Russia these days?

    1. WTF? A hoax was committed for air time and it is okay because why? My point is if that is a hoax what else could be? You sure you do not write for FOX? LOL chuq

      1. I am twisting some stuff to raise the shock value …I do not write for FOX. FOX could not afford me.

      2. How would you reply if I were to write that the whole Ukraine/Russia thing was implemented by the Military/Industrial Complex through their covert activity and their public relations capabilities in order to keep a war going so that they could keep the profits flowing?” Would that be FOX worthy enough or would you find some truth in it?

      3. Bad question John….as much as I hate the M-IC I would check it out because I would like to believe it……but that is my thought…..chuq

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