Weapons That Should Never Be Used

We all have seen the devastation that has been foisted onto Ukraine by Russian troops…..visuals of all the destroyed buildings including a few bodies and the twisted remains of Russian vehicles and tanks….but with all this destruction there a weapons being used that should never be allowed on a battlefield……like cluster munitions…..

Russia has been accused of using everything from so-called vacuum bombs to chemical weapons as it fights to overtake Ukraine.

Some of the worst weapons that Moscow has allegedly used are indiscriminate in their nature, prompting concerns about their impact on civilian populations from Ukrainian officials, the West, and human rights groups monitoring the war.

“There is deliberate targeting of civilian populations and noncombatants, which is against international law,” said John Erath, senior policy adviser for the Center for Arms Control and Nonproliferation. “And it really does not matter what type of weapon is being used. That is really bad.”

Here are five of the worst weapons Russia has been accused of using in its invasion.

Five deadly weapons Russia is accused of using in Ukraine

Cluster bombs are indiscriminate killers….the Us has used these in the past….actually the US has used many of the weapons reported…..

NY Times is reporting that Ukraine used cluster munitions on their own people….

Cluster bombs: These types of bombs open in mid-air and are banned because of their capacity to indiscriminately kill civilians. Russia has been using them in Ukraine, but the New York Times reports on the surprise revelation that Ukraine has, too. One such device was deployed by Ukrainian troops on the village of Husarivka, though no casualties were reported. Ukraine’s “decision to saturate their own village with a cluster munition that has the capacity to haphazardly kill innocent people underscores their strategic calculation: This is what they needed to do to retake their country, no matter the cost,” per the Times.

Like I said….it is a report and so far I have not been real thrilled with these types of report….

These weapons have been internationally banned but yet countries still use them….

Now ask who produces such weapons….then go to those that do and force them to cease operation.

Yet we condemn those that use them and cheer the ‘allies’ that do as well.

How sick is that?

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5 thoughts on “Weapons That Should Never Be Used

  1. All such weapons are only ‘unacceptable’ unless being used by western nations against smaller countries. The same goes for random killing of civilians, and unwarranted detention and torture of prisoners. You only have to look at our record in Iraq and Afghanistan to realise that some western troops behaved exactly the same way as the Russians are doing now.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. I think I would like to see actual verification that Russia has used those kinds of weapons in Ukraine and not have to depend on second hand information from sources that might or might not have agendas. Anyone can make accusations. I want to see proof. Remember that photographs can be photo shopped and scenes can be staged.

  3. You know, the thought crosses my mind… When bad actors like this use nasty weapons that just kill randomly with huge collateral lives lost (or intentional lives lost) the world pisses and moans but life goes on. If America sent over one single hi-tech guided cruise missile on a surgical strike to fall on some terrorist leader’s head and it happened to kill a family of five next door celebrating grandma’s birthday in the process, the world bitching would be huge. Why is that? Why does America then attract all the Jihads and other groups wanting to get even?
    It’s the exact same concept we experienced here with Trump. Four years of that clown babbling crap and lies off the top of his head and again, life goes on. Biden (or anyone else for that matter) comes along and makes a similar gaffe… and “the country is going to shit and he should resign”.

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