Happy Thanksgiving 2021

Thursday , 25 November Thanksgiving 2021

Today is the day when families gather for food fun and football. My family is no different. This will be my only post today for I will be cooking my butt off.

My deal with Sue is I cook she cleans (she got the worst of that deal for I am a messy cook)…..on the menu today is turkey (of course), potatoes gravy, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole (my daughter’s favorite), peas, my famous Mac and cheese (according to my (granddaughter), bread and peach cobbler for dessert.

I hope everyone has a very nice Thanksgiving day……enjoy your food, family and fun.

****update my new laptop came yesterday so I will be spending my spare time for the next couple of days getting use to the new work space.  Hopefully I will be back to working order by the first of next week….thanx for bearing with me during this time of chaos.****

Have a great day my friends….be well and be safe…..


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