Biden: One Year On

Closing Thought–12Nov21

As my readers know I am a international relations/foreign policy nerd……When Biden won the election last year I said then that I was unimpressed with his record of world affairs…..he may have had 40 years experience but his best thing was his waffling on issues that effect our foreign policy…..he has waffled on such issues as war……ignored human rights violations…..

Now after a year he was done very little that I can say is good…..actually he has made things worse in some quarters……

Let’s take a look at his foreign policy record so far…..

Sunday marked one year since Americans elected Joe Biden president. And on his first year report card, Americans give him a failing grade. Only 48% of Americans approve of Biden’s performance.

Biden may have received a failing grade, in part, because on several key foreign policy issues, he has done nothing. And on the few he has, he has made things worse.

Middle East

On the key Middle Eastern question, an Israeli-Palestinian peace plan still has not made it onto Biden’s to do list. It is simply not a priority of the Biden administration. Or, as Secretary of State Antony Blinken explained it, “I don’t think we’re at the – in a place where the getting to some kind of negotiation for what ultimately I think has to be the result, which is a two-state solution, is the first order of business.”

In Yemen, despite his promises, Biden has done nothing. Despite his promise that “we are ending all American support for offensive operations in the war in Yemen, including relevant arms sales,” his State Department just notified Congress of a $650 million arms sale to Saudi Arabia, which sounds a lot like “American support for offensive operations in the war in Yemen, including relevant arms sales.” The sale will include 280 advanced medium-range air-to-air missiles and 596 missile rail launchers.

Electing Biden: One Year Later

Biden has proven that money is the only thing he cares about…..his policies illustrate just how many pockets he is in….

We still have 3 more years of waffling and inaction….but that is what I expect from the moderates that run this country… me they are spineless and ineffective…..

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2 thoughts on “Biden: One Year On

  1. To be honest, I see little change so far from the Trump years. Leaving Afghanistan is the only highlight. The rest is lukewarm at best.
    (Though he is outwardly not so friendly to the UK of course)
    Best wishes, Pete.

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