Pentagon And The “Great Wall”

Just as the other Great Wall was erected to keep “invaders” out our Dear Supreme Leader is trying to erect one of his own (something he can point to as a material accomplishment of a weak presidency)…..

And where will the president try to slip cash out to pay for this worthless endeavor?

The Pentagon always has more money than it knows what to do with…..

The Pentagon has a list of $6.8 billion worth of construction projects it could choose to take money from in order to build President Trump’s border wall, according to a list belatedly provided to Congress on Monday.

But officials have yet to even decide how much Defense Department money they’ll use toward the wall, and so they haven’t decided which projects on the target list would actually be affected.

The Pentagon also said Congress can make sure none of the projects suffer by passing an increase in military construction money for 2020, allowing the government to go back and replenish the accounts Mr. Trump wants to drain for his border wall.

Several projects would be delayed if the Pentagon has to shoulder the cuts to pay for Trump’s “Great Wall”……

Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan on Monday forwarded to Congress the list of construction projects the Pentagon could delay to pay for President Donald Trump’s border wall.

The projects range across the country and around the world, from an air traffic control tower in Alabama to fuel tanks in Australia, according to the 21-page document.

“Decisions have not yet been made concerning which border barrier projects will be funded” under the president’s authority, according to the Pentagon memo attached to the list.

Democrats pounced on the list and Trump’s emergency declaration as a political stunt.

On a side note…the Pentagon plans to cut $31 billion from its budget (seriously?)…….

The U.S. Army‘s fiscal 2020 budget, which will be made public in mid-March, will cut $31.5 billion from existing programs to ensure that the service’s top priorities of readiness and modernization remain on track, Under Secretary of the Army Ryan McCarthy said Tuesday.

Army senior leadership just wrapped up its version of “night court,” a time-consuming and tedious process in which top generals went through each program to find extra money for the service’s six modernization priorities and to fund efforts to increase the readiness levels of brigade combat teams, McCarthy told an audience at an Association of the United States Army breakfast.

It is always fun to see what the Pentagon does for they know that the Congress will shove lots of taxpayer money up their butts and tell they to play pretty.
This is all so much BS….

2 thoughts on “Pentagon And The “Great Wall”

  1. What a waste of money and resources. Money that can be spend on much constructive courses.

    Where does Trump get the idea that a wall prevents people getting into the country!

    History has shown us that no wall is not closing of 100%.

    The Chinese Wall wasn’t neither the Berlin Wall

    If people are desperate enough they find a way to get in or out.

    I was just thinking:
    The region where I live is wedged between Germany an Belgium.
    In our history borders changed often. It wan’t possible than and now to completely close off a border, by whatever means.

    Smugglers knew every path or opening to cross the border.
    Before and during the war peoples were smuggled out of Germany, guided to Belgium and further.
    During the war Escape lines helped allied pilots, fled allied POW etc. to get back through Belgium, France and Spain to Great Brittain.

    If people here had thought a border can be completely closed of many allied soldiers, including Americans wouldn’t have returned home.

    Does Trump even think about of nature hinder his plans. Rivers, mountains, deserts, roads,
    paths and did he even consider tunnels.

    But who am I telling this?

    It is stupid, costly, fear mongering, bad for the local economy, bad for personal and buinisscontacts etc.

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