Earth Science For A Sunday

Spring has Sprung!

I shall spend my Sunday in the garden….the lime, tangerine and satsuma trees are in bloom and the scents are amazing…..looks like a good year for my citrus crop…..I wish there was a “smell-o-vision” add on so everyone could enjoy the sweet smells of citrus…..

Then there is the Plum trees….looks like we may have a good season this year….

There many things happening around the world that deals with Earth Science….like the biggie, “recycling”……

I recycle (I love the planet) but I am one of four houses on my street that does so.

Ever asked yourself what happens to the stuff you put out for recycling?  No?

Here is what happens……

Bales of plastic garbage, stacked 15 feet high, shimmered in the 100-degree heat. They gave off a faint chemical smell as they warped and softened under the equatorial sun.

A canary-yellow Walmart clearance tag poked out from one of the dirty heaps. Wrappers and packages from American products were visible nearby. These items had likely traveled 10,000 miles to this unmarked and apparently unauthorized dumpsite in a quiet industrial neighborhood in northwestern Malaysia. 

Ad hoc dumps like this one, teeming with foreign waste, have popped up across Southeast Asia in recent months —each an ugly symbol of a global recycling system that regional activists and politicians have described as unjust, inequitable and broken. In January and February, HuffPost visited several of these sites in Malaysia to see what really happens to much of the plastic trash that originates in the US and other wealthy nations.

While we can feel good about our recycling the truth is we may be making matters worse with our efforts.

Speaking of recycling….Norway may be leading the world……

When it comes to recycling plastic waste, Norway is ahead the pack. In fact, the Scandinavian nation has virtually lapped the rest of the world.

Through an organisation called Infinitum, Norway has created one of the most efficient and environmentally friendly ways of recycling plastic bottles, and the results are so impressive that many nations are following suit.

We all have heard about climate change or global warming, whichever you choose, well there is a plan to cool the earth’s temp by introducing a chemical to the atmosphere…..

A new study contradicts fears that using solar geoengineering to fight climate change could dangerously alter rainfall and storm patterns in some parts of the world.

Published in the peer-reviewed journal Nature Climate Change, the analysis finds that cooling the Earth enough to eliminate roughly half of warming, rather than all of it, generally would not make tropical cyclones more intense or worsen water availability, extreme temperatures or extreme rain. Only a small fraction of places, 0.4%, might see climate change impacts worsened, the study says.

Many climate experts have warned that cooling the Earth but keeping twice as much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere as before industrialization could put some regions at risk.

There you have some stories about the earth sciences…..

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