Next Gen Jet Packs

Remember those days of the jet packs?

The beginning scene of one of the James Bond early movies was when Bond kills a guy dressed like a woman and then made his escape in a jet pack……or those days when the jet packs were used in the openings of football games…..on and on…..

What happened to that idea?

It never went away….as a matter of fact a new generation of these machines are being tested as I type……

Wearable flight systems are apparently progressing and Special Operation Forces (SOF) may “soon” be equipped with such platforms, according to a report by Jane’s.

Reportedly, USSOCOM and French COS, both SOF components are considering jetpack technology.

“JetPack Aviation’s JB11 JetPack is being developed under a Co-operative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) signed in 2016 with US Special Operations Command’s (USSOCOM’s) Naval Special Warfare Command (NSWC).”

While French DGA is studying Zapata’s Flyboard Air technology as a concept but is not yet considering such systems for operational use.

Soon the troops may be using a new form of the jet pack as an operational tool…..

Any thoughts?


4 thoughts on “Next Gen Jet Packs

  1. Drones, jet packs, feels like modern warfare is heading the way of video games. Sadly, jet-pack of not, it is still all too easy to get killed.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Very nice new technology. Just made for war, but i think in future we have not to deal with inter state wars, more inner state civil wars. Therefore our parliaments in Europe are doing a lot to control the internet for providing the prediction skills of the NSA. As i read a year in the past, the NSA is able to predict civil war activities all over the world during three days. Michael

    1. Morning Michael…….this technology has come a long way from the 60s…..I believe one of my old professors came up with the algorithm Bruce de Mesquita and if so it is very accurate….chuq

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