The Iran Situation

We do not hear much about Iran these….any events are blocked out by legal shenanigans or the “wall” controversy or …..well a wealth of other ramblings by the media….

I have decided to return to what I know the best (if anyone can claim that) the Middle East….might as well use that degree that I paid dearly for, huh?

Iran is the change bird…..a friend that became an enemy that became a major player in the Middle East…..of course we could argue that the US involvement in the region for 40 years could be a major influence in Iran ascendancy to the top of the movers and shakers. (More on this in a later post)

Since 1979 there have been major sanctions on Iran and every president since has added o the suffering of the Iranian people by imposing more sanctions….but if these sanctions actually worked why is Iran still a thorn in the side of the US?

The Middle East Conference at Warsaw, co-hosted by Poland and the US State Department on February 13 & 14, and the Munich Conference. Differences between the EU and the US over dealing with challenges in the Middle East, as well as Iran, were reiterated during both these events.

The Middle East Conference in Warsaw lacked legitimacy, as a number of important individuals were not present. Some of the notable absentees were the EU Foreign Policy Chief, Federica Mogherini, and the Foreign Ministers of Germany, France, and Italy. Significantly, on February 14, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, Russian President Vladimir Putin, and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan met in Sochi, Russia to discuss the latest developments in Syria and how the three countries could work together.

The sanctions have been a gamble with the US pushing more and more chips into the hand and losing on most fronts….

As usual the rhetoric from Israel continues to threaten Iran with the urging of the US…..and now Iran has responded to Trump and his neocon buddies…..

Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif accused Israel of engaging in “adventurism” with its bombing campaigns in Syria and said he could not rule out the possibility of a military conflict between the countries.

Zarif told the Sueddeutsche Zeitung newspaper that Iran was in Syria at the invitation of the Syrian government, while Israel was violating Lebanese and Syrian air space, as well as international law.

“There is adventurism on Israel’s side, and adventurism is always dangerous,” Zarif told the newspaper in an interview to be published on Thursday.

Asked if he saw an emerging military conflict between Iran and Israel, Zarif said, “I do not, but we cannot exclude the possibility.”

Let us see how Israel responds….this is dangerous talk from both sides…..

As usual the US uses a proxy….this time it is possibly the Saudis……in a recent attack in Iran by terrorists the Iranians responded…..

The commander of the overseas arm of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards threatened Saudi Arabia with revenge over a suicide bomb attack in southeastern Iran on Feb. 13 that killed 27 Guards members, the semi-official Tasnim news agency reported on Thursday.

“Saudi Arabia is building its regional influence with money only. This is a false influence and a failure…We will take revenge for our martyrs…(and) it might be anywhere around the world,” Qasem Soleimani said, according to Tasnim.

The Islamic Republic has accused arch regional rivals Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates of backing militants who carry out attacks on security forces in Iran. Saudi Arabia and the UAE have denied any connection with the attacks

The Sunni Muslim militant group Jaish al Adl (Army of Justice), which says it seeks greater rights and better living conditions for ethnic minority Baluchis in Iran, claimed responsibility for the attack near the border with Pakistan.

Iran’s Shi’ite Muslim authorities say militant groups operate from safe havens in Pakistan and have repeatedly called on the neighbouring country to crack down on them.

“I am warning you: Don’t test Iran’s tolerance,” Soleimani said in the latest in a series of warnings issued by Iranian officials since the attack was carried out.


But why is there such rivalry between the Saudis and the Iranians……

But this statement is in contrast to what the Iranian president has recently stated…..

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Sunday that Tehran wants to co-operate with its Gulf neighbors, after decades of hostility and proxy wars, even as the commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard hit out at the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

“Iran is ready to work with regional states to preserve security in the Middle East … Our enemies, America and Israel, want to create division among Iranians,” Rouhani said in a public speech in southern Iran, broadcast live on state TV.

“We want to establish brotherly ties with all countries of the region … Iran has never started any aggression in the region.”

Confused? Learn stuff!

Hopefully those videos were helpful…..

Will all this sanction stuff and the rhetoricmeet with failure?

John Bolton and Mike Pompeo are pushing Trump down a proven path of failure.

The question that most of the world is asking is….will Trump start another war this time with Iran?

Keeping track of the Trump administration’s foreign policy is like trying to track a cat on a hot tin roof: We’re pulling out of Syria (not right away). We’re leaving Afghanistan (sometime in the future). Mexico is going to pay for a wall (no, it isn’t). Saudi Arabia, Russia, the European Union, China, Turkey, North Korea — one day friends, another day foes.

Even with a scorecard, it’s hard to tell who’s on first.

Except for Iran, where a policy of studied hostility has been consistent from the beginning.

The drama continues while you were following the “shiny objects” the MSM gives you.

Pompeo and others think the only way to peace is a war…or some sort of confrontation….

Decades of US interventions and outright wars across the Middle East haven’t proved nearly the cure-all that a lot of hawks had promised they would be. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo sees the continued existence of Iran as the key to all of this.

During the Warsaw anti-Iran conference, Pompeo declared both peace and stability to be “just not possible” without confronting Iran. And to be clear, administration officials maintain they’re confronting Iran at an unprecedentedly high rate.

This suggests that when Pompeo says confronting Iran is vital to peace, and the key to solving effectively every problem in the Middle East, he’s using the term “confront” the same way Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s transcript was changed from “war” to “confrontation.”


People and faces change but the song remains the same.

7 thoughts on “The Iran Situation

  1. Playing with fire in the region, and using other countries as ‘fronts’. No change there, except the Iranians are becoming tired of it. That might make a difference.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Iran is the perfect example of how bad sanctions can be……they do not work in most cases…Iran is playing the long game and the US the short…..long seems to be working better….chuq

  2. Warmongering against Iran is certainly not going to be successful, but have no doubt…..they desire to be the regional hegemonic power in the Middle East, to include exporting terrorism to fragile/failed states and subsuming neighboring nations (Iraq).

  3. The resistance of Iran (#NCRI) is the only response to Islamic extremism and guarantees the achievement of peace and freedom in #Iran & stability in the world.
    #FreeIran #IranRegimeChange … … via @arashcaviani

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