President Must Die!

Please if any of the Right wing noise machine is reading then let me say here and now….I am NOT talking about anything happening to Trump or his extended family.

Okay we all know that I do enjoy dropping some history from time to time…….this time I would like to let my readers know the most whacked out attempts to assassinate a president.

Anyone can change the course of history. You can start a movement, run for office, or if you’re too insane for that kind of thing, buy a cheap gun and try to kill the President.

Now killing the President requires a lot of planning, but when you’re crazy, planning involves casting imaginary spells and talking to ghosts. All of which makes it even stranger that some of the craziest assassination plots ever hatched by some of the craziest people came so close to succeeding.

History is a cool thing to keep track of….I mean there is so much to draw from…..and I try to draw as much as possible…..even those that find fault with history could learn a thing or two…..there is the rub….learning is not their strong suit.

Stay tuned………

2 thoughts on “President Must Die!

  1. An interesting article, chuq. All the assassins seem to have had a screw loose, but small wonder presidential security was later tightened up. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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