It’s Vacation Time

July and August are the typical month that Americans take a vacation if they take one at all…….me?  No need to worry for I am on a permanent vacation….it is called retirement.

When I was working I seldom took any time off…..a workaholic…….but I read something that made me think about all this time off stuff…..

Life for the medieval peasant was certainly no picnic. His life was shadowed by fear of famine, disease and bursts of warfare. His diet and personal hygiene left much to be desired.

But despite his reputation as a miserable wretch, you might envy him one thing: his vacations.

Plowing and harvesting were backbreaking toil, but the peasant enjoyed anywhere from eight weeks to half the year off.

Let’s be honest most Americans cannot afford to take the time off……plus if married trying to get the spouses off at the same time is a bit of a juggling act.

But if you do get the stuff all in line and take a holiday to the beach then you might want to try a new bathing suit…..

We call this bikini “duct tape chic”

And now duct-tape bikinis have officially made their runaway debut. Yes, you read that correctly.

Last week, models took to the runway for fashion brand Black Tape Project to show off the experimental style.

As part of a Miami Swim Week show, the styles ranged from glitzy gold swimwear chic to the more obvious “I’ve wrapped myself in black duct tape” look.

But if donning tape instead of a conventional cossie wasn’t daring enough, let’s just say this style isn’t for the faint of heart.

I knew Duct Tape had many many uses….but as a bathing suit….that is a new one….Who Knew?

In a generation that thinks there is something wrong will all body hair the removal of the bikini would not be too painful…so there is that.


8 thoughts on “It’s Vacation Time

  1. 🤔 They obviously work well enough… on the cat walk, I doubt the same could be said once in the water. But honestly, I expect nothing less from “The Sun”

    Still, some very nice eye-candy. 😋

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