The South Shall Rise Again!

My weekend and this is the news I see as I awaken from my slumber…..more racists….more bigotry.

And the bumper sticker that show a Reb soldier holding the stars and bars  saying “Forget Hell”!

For some old farts in the New South the Civil War, War Between The States, never really ended…just a break between secessionists plots…..and during the Cold War “Love It Or Leave It” was a popular slogan they hated anything Russian and anyone that said anything positive about it.

Boy have things changed!

Not everyone is hating the Russia thing: Certain neo-confederates are promising to post a Russian-language page to share ideas with Russians about “Southern nationalism,” reports Called League of the South, the Alabama-based group made its announcement only days after President Trump and Vladimir Putin met to discuss issues off the record in Helsinki. A letter from league president Michael Hill argues that Southerners and Russians have a lot in common. “As fellow Whites of northern European extraction, we come from the same general gene pool,” writes Hill. “As inheritors of the European cultural tradition, we share similar values, customs, and ways of life.”

Hill goes on to argue that “as Christians, we worship the same Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ,” and says cooperation between the two peoples “could indeed be the foundation for a better world.” Labeled a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, the League of the South has chapters in 16 states and advocates for a second Southern secession. As of this writing, their website has mysteriously gone down. Regardless, analysts are seeing a fresh alliance between Trump boosters, Russia, and white nationalists, Newsweek reports. “The current Russian government … cites figures who are unambiguously fascist and Nazi,” says historian Timothy Snyder. “There’s been a kind of renaissance of the 1930s which has crept up on us.”

These slugs will get in bed with anyone that will help spread their racist bullshit.

14 thoughts on “The South Shall Rise Again!

  1. Because of my interest in the US Civil War, one of my friends bought me a souvenir from a holiday in the US. It was a Confederate flag, with ‘The South Will Rise Again” printed across it. That was back on 1981, a long time before the current nationalist trends we are seeing. But I put it away in a drawer, and have no idea where it is now.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Pete those nationalist feelings have been forefront since the 1960’s and the Civil Rights Movement…..and it is still as strong now as it was then….chuq

  2. I just think it’s too easy to continually blame Russia for everything. Sure, I don’t trust them either, but there are many unscrupulous countries and people out there (many in your precious ME) – it just seems too easy to always pick the same one. Why is it we always seem to overlook China? They profited and grew stronger during the last cold war.

    1. The ME is too busy with internal crap to try and do anything diabolical…..China is a danger and is focusing on them more so than Russia…and things are changing Russia is getting more and more ingrained into our psyche…they were out to get us in the Cold War and they are still in the same mental frame…….ignoring would be disastrous…..but so far they are winning any type of conflict they are fighting chuq

    2. I find it is something that 5 decades ago they were a demon and today they are our “friend”…I believe that is wrong thinking….but we will see….chuq

      1. Back then they were godless communists. Now after Communists don’t control Russia Putin is prompting the Orthodox Church. Russia has become a Christian oligarchy which appeals to some conservative groups especially in the Deep South which has always been an oligarchy.

      2. I live in the Deep South and we have had an oligarchy for generations……thanx for the visit…….chuq

  3. Yes, the “Slugs” will truly get into bed with anyone who will help spread their racist bullshit in much the same manner as Liberals will get into bed with anyone who will help spread their pseudo-communist/socialist propaganda bullshit and with any Right Winger of like intent. It is human nature for people who are driven by a purpose of a cause to seek out confederates and associates of like mind to help in the furtherance of their particular agendas. All Human Beings seek other Human Beings who share their ways of thinking and seeing the world. It is how the Human Being is wired, being a social creature.

    1. Socialist is better the fascist ……yep racist slugs will search out more racist slugs……anyone that will hate with them in the pews. chuq

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