More Tariffs On The Way

Closing Thought–20Jul18

Our Dear Leader has decided that his newest round of tariffs will be the auto industry…….seeing how his other tariffs have been so successful and widely loved…….

Having tangled with China on trade and angered US allies with steel tariffs, President Trump is primed for his next fight: autos. Trump’s latest plan is to consider slapping tariffs on imported autos and auto parts—a move he says would aid American workers but that could inflate car prices, make US manufacturers less competitive, and draw retaliation from other nations, the AP reports. The action has also begun to provoke a backlash among members of Congress. On Thursday, manufacturers, suppliers, car dealers, and foreign diplomats will line up to testify at a Washington hearing to try to head off auto tariffs.

After the hearing, the Commerce Department will decide whether to label imported vehicles and auto parts a threat to America’s national security and whether to recommend tariffs to the president. In announcing the auto investigation in May, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross had said, “There is evidence that, for decades, imports from abroad have eroded our domestic auto industry.” Yet even General Motors and other companies that build cars in America are opposed. They rely on imported parts that would be subject to the tariffs, thereby raising automakers’ costs. “There is no automaker that has 100% exclusively US-sourced parts,” says Brian Krinock, Toyota’s senior vice president for North American factories. “It is a global business with global operations.”

He, Trump, fired the first shot earlier when he put luxury German cars on a list to be banned…..and now this…..

Nothing more fun than a trade war…..nothing is more effective than a trade war (that is sarcasm)……

Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue belittled American farmers on Wednesday.

“It’s a little bit like weight loss,” Perdue said of the tariffs that are damaging the bottom line for lots of red state, U.S. farmers. “It’s going to be good to get there but it is a little painful in the meantime.”

Perdue referred to Trump’s reckless tariffs as “trade disruptions we’re experiencing,” as if they weren’t specifically manufactured and imposed by the Trump administration. His remarks echoed Trump’s dismissive rhetoric about how trade wars are “easy to win.

“Wait a minute, ‘Trade disruptions we’re experiencing.’ That sounds very passive,” stressed Axios editor Mike Allen, as he interviewed Perdue. “In fact, it’s your president, it’s your administration, that’s disrupting trade.”

Trump has also suggested it’s the patriotic duty of U.S. farmers to bear the burden of an unnecessary trade war.

“They want to hit the farmers because they think it hits me — I wouldn’t say that’s nice,” Trump said of China, as it readied its response to Trump’s sweeping tariffs. “But I’ll tell you, our farmers are great patriots. These are great patriots. They understand that they’re doing this for the country,” he added.

“We’ll make it up to them. And in the end, they’re going to be much stronger than they are now.”


So far the only people that see any benefits for these trade things are the President and his Boyz…..the rest of the economic sector does not see the same benefits as Our Dear Leader.


9 thoughts on “More Tariffs On The Way

  1. We have had a ‘Special Car Tax’ imposed by the government for decades now. We pay around 25%-30% more for cars here than they do for the same vehicles in Europe, and as much as 50% more for US cars like Jeep.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. When watching “Top Gear” I often wondered why the prices were so much more than that in the US….well some of them will get more expensive here…..chuq

  2. What do you think about the GDPR, the new General Data Protection Rule isnt it a shot from the EU againt the US internet firms? I have to admit that without the services of US internet companies we would not have had a chance to work on the Internet. No German company offers these services at such low prices and with this good service. Michael

    1. We have a problem brewing with our internet services……companies will start raping its customers soon…….have a good weekend my friend….chuq

      1. start raping”????

        Never mind taking personal info without consent…cause that’s accepted practice on the Interwebs….If I read my deliberately confusing cable monopoly’s bill right, they charge about $70 a month…before taxes! And that’s the very LOWEST rung package these communication rapists offer.

        And what do I get for it? A connection that briefly disconnects several times an hour and permanently disconnected twice last year. And when it does work, it moves about as fast as an aspiring actress on Disco Biscuits.

        Lucky for them, I…and countless millions of others…don’t have actual lives anymore and are forced to accept this bullshit.

  3. It don’t matter how high, or low, the prices of cars are if the only jobs you’ve had in the last 5 years were part-time, min-wage, non-union, jobs of a “more temporary” nature. Cars could cost less than a Matchbox car and you still couldn’t afford to operate it (insurance, gas, etc.) At absolute best, these alleged cheaper products brought by Free Trade favour middle-class spend-aholics who have steady, secure, jobs that aren’t going to be off-shored or automated….In other words, a rapidly declining percentage of the population.

    Conceptually at least, I’m all in favour of rising tariffs for economic (& environmental) reasons. The way to have a Trade War is slowly, quietly and drawing as little attention & response as possible. The biggest problem with Trump’s Trade War is that it’s Trump’s. As such, it is loud, aggressive, obnoxious, ham-fisted and looking for similar responses Even though it will have effects, those effects don’t really matter. It’s all ultimately just for show. He wants to be seen as fighting the world for American jobs.

    Because Lefties have sold out to corporations, they ceded the battlefield to Herr Trump. So this is the “best” American workers are going to get.

      1. Don’t get me wrong. Even if they actually do wind up helping people a little…They are absolutely designed to help only ONE person…The Great Leader. Anything positive is just “a happy little accident”, as Bob Ross would say.

        I honestly don’t want to torture myself enough to evaluate these particular tariffs. Although, the true impacts of such things take years/decades to kick in. Meanwhile, the hostile, hyperbolic, war of words starts immediately, making the politicos who spew said words look like heroes fighting for people they actually couldn’t give less of a fuck about! And threats of instant factory closings are just that. Threats. Nobody will move a factory they weren’t already planning to. After all, It took decades of Free Trade to turn American auto manufacturers into “global businesses with global operations.” Yet somehow, they still figured out a way to go bankrupt…and then get bailed out by the US & Canadian governments. But that kind of overt “government interference in the global economy” was perfectly cool with them. Funny how dat werkz!

        Probably the best part about these tariffs is that topics which have been completely verboten for 25+ years (manufacturing jobs, the downside of Free Trade) are being peripherally discussed for the first time in decades. It’s decades too late, but the mere suggestion that government can actually influence the global economy for the benefit of its people is a radically good thing. For far too long, people & governments have been the snivelling prison bitches of corporate power. For example; before Trump’s ham-fisted move, who even remembered what the hell a tariff was? This is how cleanly washed all our brains have become with regards to our own economy.

        However, as with virtually everything these days….if it’s any good The Powers That Be will put an end to it. Maybe that’s the real test of Trump’s Tariffs.

      2. The American soybean farmer will start suffering from low prices soon for the harvest is coming in now…corporate farms can weather low process for awhile but if it goes on too long then they will suffer and the Dear Leader will have to adjust his beliefs. chuq

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