Weekends are so relaxing, at least for me, and it is a chore some days to find posts that do not fit into the mold that I have set up here on IST……but this is an interesting thing that I found…..

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WE here on the blogs of the world are always going on about which president is the most popular…..well some did a survey (I mean there are surveys for everything)……And the winner is……..

Ask Americans who the best president has been in their lifetimes, and one man ranks significantly above all others—though he didn’t always. Barack Obama won the top spot in the Pew Research Center survey, based on phone interviews with 2,000 US adults during the week of June 5-12; 44% of respondents ranked No. 44 as either the best or second-best president during their years on Earth. Bill Clinton came in second with 33%, while Ronald Reagan ranked third at 32%. Though Donald Trump gained only 19% of the vote, Courthouse News notes those numbers seem to align with how sitting presidents typically do in the Pew survey: In 2011, while he was still in his first term, Obama took in a 20% share. Here, the rankings based on the combined percentages of being selected as either a first or second pick:

  • Barack Obama, 44%
  • Bill Clinton, 33%
  • Ronald Reagan, 32%
  • Donald Trump, 19%
  • George W. Bush, 14%
  • John F. Kennedy, 12%
  • George HW Bush, 10%
  • Jimmy Carter, 4%
  • Dwight Eisenhower, 2%
  • Franklin Roosevelt, 1%
  • Richard Nixon, 1%
  • Lyndon Johnson, 1%
  • Harry Truman, 1%
  • Gerald Ford, 1%

At best this is subjective and it would depend on which generation you ask….

More on how the presidents rated, including within different generations and political parties, here.

Personally, I liked Carter because of his foreign policies…granted there were some decisions that I disagreed with but I can say that for every president.  Ever president since Carter has been a pawn of the M-IC….matters not the party they are equally spineless.

How about you…a favorite president?

Time for some breakfast….. omelette, cheese and spinach, hash browns, bacon and biscuits…..then some more research…..see ya later….chuq


4 thoughts on “Saturday–14Jul18

  1. By coincidence, I just posted about US presidents on redflagflying.
    I don’t have a favourite, as I managed to dislike them all equally. 🙂
    At one time, I might have liked to have seen Hubert Humphrey get the job. Back then, he was something a little different.

    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Thanx for the update Pete I will head over to “red flag” as soon as I am finished here……Carter was the closest the ME ever got to peace and if he had been re-elected the outcome would be different than today, IMO….chuq

  2. Definitely Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. I had great joy cruising and travelling through some parts of the USA during the government periods of both presidents. I felt save, made a lot of interesting acquaintances, all seemed to be easy going…

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