Bastille Day

If you are in France then today is a big day…….

July 14 is celebrated as the French independence day since 1789……and anyone that took a history class knows the story of how the people of Paris stormed the Bastille which was a prison at the time of the revolution…..or so they say…..

You guessed it…the old professor will drop some history on you that you may not have been aware of in you studies…..

In contrast with what we have learned in history class, the Bastille was never captured by attack. Actually, it was handed out to the rebels in a quite peaceful way. Strictly speaking, French national holiday – 14th of July, shouldn’t be celebrated for the storming of Bastille, but for handing it to the rebels instead.

Official historical description of the event is as follows: on the of July 1789, thousands of rebels marched towards the Bastille, well-known royal fortress in the center of Paris, to protest against tyrannical regime of king Louis XVI, and against the retirement of Jacques Necker, popular French minister of finances.

Guards loyal to the king soon started to shoot into the rebel crowd using cannons and muskets, but yet the rebels, although with heavy casualties, managed to heroically storm and conquer this despicable symbol of the royal power. They freed the suffering prisoners from the dungeons of Bastille, announced the end of despotism and beginning of the better future for the mankind.

And that is my dropping of history……did you know that Thomas Paine was earmarked for execution after the Revolution but he made it out because of a mistake.  (that is a post for another day)

Since some of my ancestors were French…I have taken to celebrating the Bastille Day as a family tradition.

Today will be my way of celebrating…… wine and cheese (French of course) and afternoon nap….after all I am an old fart and need my rest……and then a soccer match between Belgium and England……

Have a good day and I will see you guys tomorrow… well, be safe….chuq


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