Will There Be A Foreign Policy Crisis?

Since I am a foreign policy wonk I spend a lot of time reading reports and analyses about world affairs and what I have found is there is many “hot spots” in this world that could spill over into a major confrontation.

North Korea is on a slow boil……China in the South China Sea is sizzling….troop movements in around the Baltic states, both US and Russian….terrorist cells plotting…..Iran will soon be back in the headlines….and of course all the different armed conflicts that spread like a fungus…..so many opportunities for something to go horribly wrong.

I am concerned on the future because our president does not seem to care about all the situations as they build.  His State Department is woefully understaffed….the military is expanding faster than a irritating rash and the White House is full of factions fighting for dominance……and foreign policy is a couple of words that few know how to use.

It is only a matter of time before something breaks on the foreign policy front……

It is now six months into the Trump administration and, thankfully, the United States has not yet faced a foreign-policy crisis. In no other area does a president have more responsibility and power than in such a crisis. Any president, but particularly this one, must welcome and respect expert advice, choose quickly and wisely from a difficult set of options, consult with Congress and involve U.S. allies in the common cause. The United States must deal from a position of strength but be open to negotiations.

Unfortunately, we have seen much in Trump’s conduct as president that raises serious questions as to how he will respond when that inevitable crisis comes. Perhaps none more puzzling or concerning is his attitude toward Russia. Rebuilding cooperation with Russia where possible in areas such as antiterrorism and arms control is in the U.S. interest, but not at the expense of indifference to Russia’s actions in Ukraine and Syria or dismissing the investigations of Russian interference in recent U.S. elections.

Source: Trump and the Impending Foreign-Policy Crisis | The National Interest

It is time for this administration to settle down and get to work on the foreign policy….our State Department should be the spear point of our foreign policy and right now it is little more than a discussion group with NO direction.

Once we are confronted with a international crisis it will be too late to try and return the State Department to the forefront….basically as it is now our foreign policy is little more than a crap shoot.

Can you say….North Korea!


17 thoughts on “Will There Be A Foreign Policy Crisis?

      1. Tourism is most often times a very bad thing. I remember back in the early 80’s, Aruba was a paradise then the tourist discovered MY Island and today Aruba sucks ass.

  1. Watching his rhetoric recently, it would seem that Trump has decided to try to frighten the pants off of any country that he doesn’t like. That’s a policy, but it’s not a viable Foreign Policy, unfortunately.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Chuq, I have linked Trudi Rubin’s recent column, from the Philadelphia Inquirer. She has an excellent handle on Geopolitical B. S. This one suggests that Tillerson, like Donald, prefers political hacks, rather than career diplomats at State. Both the Assistant Secretary post for East Asia, as well as the South Korea Ambassador posts remain vacant!


      1. I believe all three of Donald’s Generals agree with you. State, if managed properly, can take preventative measures regarding war. If Trumpie really was a businessman, he would understand the Cost-Benefit Analysis–in both lives and Treasure.

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