What Is North Korea’s Real Strategy?

NK has been in the news a lot lately…..from its rhetoric to the launching of multiple missiles to its continuing nuke research….and there have been many opinions and analyses on why this small Asian country is doing what it is doing.

I am not an expert on East Asian relations so I have to depend on others for their opinions and analyses…..I read a paper written by a person that is just such an expert…..do not know if I agree with him completely but I bow to his expertise….

North Korea’s quest for nuclear weapons is often depicted as a “rational” response to its strategic imperatives of national security and regime survival. In fact, North Korea seeks to decouple the US and its South Korean partner – a split that would enable the reunification of the Korean Peninsula on Kim’s terms.

In fact, North Korea’s appetite for nuclear weapons is rooted more in aggression than pragmatism. North Korea seeks nothing less than to decouple the United States from its South Korean partner – a split that would enable the reunification of the Korean Peninsula on Kim’s terms. In other words, North Korea does not want only to defend itself; it wants to set the stage for an invasion of its own.

Source: North Korea’s Real Strategy by Christopher R. Hill – Project Syndicate

A situation that could boil over at any time…..it all depends on the whim of a leader that is not wrapped real tight (in my opinion)…..

Thirty minutes. That’s about how long it would take a nuclear-tipped intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) launched from North Korea to reach Los Angeles. With the powers in Pyongyang working doggedly toward making this possible—building an ICBM and shrinking a nuke to fit on it—analysts now predict that Kim Jong Un will have the capability before Donald Trump completes one four-year term.

About which the president has tweeted, simply, “It won’t happen!”

Source: How to Deal With North Korea – The Atlantic

After writing this post news broke that I feel needs to be included here…..

NEW DELHI, June 21 (Yonhap) — North Korea’s top envoy to India on Wednesday offered a conditional moratorium on his country’s nuclear and missile tests in an apparent bid to hold talks with the United States.

North Korea Ambassador to India Kye Chun-yong said Pyongyang is willing to talk in terms of freezing its nuclear and missile tests under certain circumstances.

Source: North Korea is Open to Moratorium on Nuclear, Missile Tests | World Affairs Journal

This is an interesting turn…too bad that the US has so little diplomats on payroll to take advantage of this situation.

Side note:  I have been asked why I do this….this blogging thing.

I am an analyst of international conflict and this is my way to keep doing what I love and to inform anyone that wants to know about the future.

13 thoughts on “What Is North Korea’s Real Strategy?

  1. I am not an academic, and make no claim to hold any expert opinion about anything. But as far as I can tell, the strategy of the DPRK is just to continue to exist, in a world where (for many reasons) it no longer has a single real friend or ally. Whether that is based on historical desire, or the lust for power of one family, is of little consequence in the grand scheme of things. As for the launching of weapons against the US, or invading South Korea, I really don’t see how that gains them anything, as their country would be totally destroyed in the process.
    Time to talk to these people, and try to discover what they really want, if that’s possible of course.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. I guess we will have to wait until the “Rodman Mission” gets declassified enough to understand what his role is/was with his meeting with the Dear Leader (No.. the other one. Er, well, either one.).

    We all blog for one reason.. we need to “lift a pen” to communicate and express of ourselves. The incentive arises through the subject matter we select to write about. Your blog as it is tends to be singular in purpose, purposeful toward conveying your own experience in being an analyst in foreign affairs. My reason was a bit of a metamorphosis; first blog I felt compelled to express myself regarding events around me and sundry issues of family life. As the last election came into fruition and tumultuous chaos being generated on the political stage, I, like many, felt compelled to start jumping up and down about the insanity of politics. That spawned my second blog… dedicated to keep urging folks to remove Trump as President. Pete its pretty multi-faceted.. and can express across an interesting spectrum.. and his readership reflects that. John Liming likes to journalize his daily life activities with the occasional foray into making sure the “libtards” don’t take away his freedoms. Citizen Tom is a split between Conservative politics and religion. And this is just a super small sampling from our own cyber backyards to illustrate.

    I’m reminded of the movie “Quills”.. with Winslet, Phoenix, Caine, and a superb and underrated Geoffrey Rush playing the imprisoned Marquis de Sade. He felt the unnatural obsession to write.. to communicate his inner most obsessions with sex, using whatever medium he could use to write with, on an flat surface available; which ironically exposed that which was hidden in French society in his day… as being.. natural. While likely none of us carry an obsession to write we are still nonetheless, compelled to do so in our varying ways. We are answering the call from within.
    When I was in basic training back in 1971.. that was a first time I was away from home other than attending a year of college to that point. An uncertain future… would I be going to Southeast Asia or Guam… what job are they going to give me… all fluid at that point. Each evening, when we were allowed to write home, I felt compelled to start a journal; capturing my feelings and thoughts about stuff going on around me. At the end of four years I had a lot of spiral notebooks in longhand. Now it’s the internet… and now I blog as a hobby to share with others.

    Now.. all that by NO means suggests that what we write.. the content… is worth a damn to anyone else who may read it. Yet as bloggers we know.. if you slam enough of shit against the wall, some is bound to stick. 🙂

    1. But I like it. It is a way for me to try and help others understand the complexities that seems to be missing in our “leaders”…all of them….chuq

      1. We all like it… for various reasons. One of the good perks is that it can bring people together. Sometimes. 🙂

      2. I use to write more about politics but after 1992 I saw the future of all this division and try to stay clear until needed….chuq

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