oh crap!

A t/storm took out my internet so for now I will be posting from cell. Sorry for the inconvience. Please bear with me. Thanx guys I appreciate your understanding. chuq

17 thoughts on “oh crap!

  1. It’s crazy how something so awesome as the Internet is so fickle when it comes to connecting to it. I demanded a prorated refund from my ISP when mine went out a few months ago for almost a week. Apparently someone drove their car into the POP that served my neighborhood.

  2. Suck it up, you pussy!!!

    “Wah! The hurricane that killed 3,573 people caused me to lose my Webpipe connection for a day. So, I’m going to have to use my stupidphone instead.”

    Fucking simpering Millennials! 😉 Shit. Due to 2 separate technical incidents in the last year, I went a total of 5 months without the Interwebs. And my phone is a rotary phone, so it was an absolute disconnection. However, I barely missed “being connected” at all. Aside from this place, there ain’t much on the Wep-pipes worth connecting to.

    1. That fucking hurricane cost me my fucking leg…there people the like reading IST just wanted to let them know I was not one of those twats that gets frustrated and leaves the blog for awhile….I enjoy what I do….

      1. Well, anytime I see less than 27 new topics since my last visit, I know something is up that’s out of your control. They could probably sever all your limbs and you’d just pull a “Monty Python Knight”, declare it a “flesh wound” and type 7 blog posts using only your tongue. It’s safe to assume most of your regular readers would know you’re not going anywhere. (Is there such a thing as Blogging OCD?)

        But what’s this about a hurricane taking your leg? Do you mean in the past, or now? Shit, man! If a hurricane just took your leg and your blogging production slipped by a barely recognizable amount, you are one tough ol’ hombre!

      2. Trying to save a house and I was thrown to the concrete….broke it badly and permanently…blogging was my rehab from depression….before that I wrote papers and such…..blogging took my mind off a disability that forced me to retire….I try to post 5 a day….sometimes people get frustrated and take a break from their blog…not going to happen unless it is a dirt nap. chuq

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