A Deal That Is Not A Deal

The good news when Trump was Saudi Arabia he let the world know that a deal had been struck and it would mean jobs back home……$110 billion was the price tag that he pushed……

What does this deal really mean in the long run……

It turns out that the $110 billion Saudi Arabia arms deal that the Trump administration announced in May is actually “fake news,” according to the Brookings Institution.

Bruce Riedel, a senior fellow and director of the Brookings Intelligence Project, writes that everyone with whom he has spoken in the defense industry and on Capitol Hill says that the supposed $110 billion deal is actually “a bunch of letters of interest or intent, but not contracts.”

In fact, a lot of these proposals, which the Pentagon calls “intended sales,” are just arms that defense contractors speculate that the Saudis might want at some point. Many were even proposed during the Obama era.

For example, the Pentagon proposed to sell the Saudis four frigates for $11.25 billion in 2015, but since then, no contracts have been signed

Read the full Brookings Institution article here.

As usual with this president……a promise does not mean a reality…..will any of his promises ever translate into real jobs for Americans?

4 thoughts on “A Deal That Is Not A Deal

  1. When is a deal not a deal? When it is an unsecured letter of intent.
    Trump was a big businessman, (still is) and I doubt he would have accepted such things as a ‘deal’ in his own businesses.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. A very good revelation, chuq. Those of us with a capacity to think that each and every story has a “rest of the story” attached to it.. will be closer to the facts than those just accepting what the press.. or Trump.. spews out. Trump is no businessman. Hell.. he’s no president either.

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