Can A “Smoke Screen” Be Effective Policy?

As someone who spends his time analyzing and researching foreign policy I am a bit taken back by the new kid in town, DC that is……

During his run up to his election as president I was in Trump’s corner on some, and I repeat SOME, of his foreign policy statements.  I did not care much for his domestic rhetoric but some of his rhetoric on international situations were spot on… will notice that I use the word “were”…..his actions speak nothing to his rhetoric.

But since he has taken the helm of this nation and its foreign policy I have been trying to get a handle on just what it is that he wants to accomplish internationally.

He, Trump, has gutted our diplomatic corps which in my opinion does little to protect Americans worldwide.  How does he hope to formulate a policy when he is missing those people that are “experts” on the many different regions?

At best his foreign policy has been hit and miss loaded with bravado and out right bullshit.  Not much makes sense….most of it sounds like a third grader taunting a playground rival.

Basically, to me his words and his pseudo policies are nothing but a smoke screen for is impotency in the foreign policy arena.

North Korea and Syria are prime examples…….

So far President Trump’s foreign policy has been nearly impossible to predict.  As we saw this past week, some of the President’s choices, particularly the decision to strike the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, have created strange bedfellows among America’s foreign policy watchers.  Traditional foreign policy thinkers on the right and left, the so-called “Establishment,” publicly lauded the strikes, albeit for somewhat different reasons.  Meanwhile, Trump’s core supporters, who rallied around his isolationist campaign promises, have been sharply denouncing the strikes as warmongering.  Everyone in Washington appears to have been caught off-guard by the President’s decision to intervene in the world’s most protracted conflict, while analysts, journalists, and policymakers are scrambling to determine what it all means.  The President’s speech after the strike, as well as statements from the White House, argue this decision was tied to Syrian regime use of chemical weapons late last month.

Source: Strategies, Diversions, and Trump’s Smoke-Screen Policy | RealClearDefense

His staff is not much better although there are a few that could formulate an adequate policy……but Trump seems to want it his way and his thoughts….I am hoping that someone with an adult brain will finally assert themselves and a true foreign policy will emerge.

The big question is…..will it emerge?

The Institute of Defense Studies published a paper asking if Trump’s foreign policy was shaping up?

April has been an eventful month geopolitically so far. President Trump carried out a much-trumpeted-about Tomahawk missile strike at the Syrian regime, held responsible by him for a nerve-agent attack on the village of Khan Sheikhoun in Idlib, a province largely held by rebels. Trump has changed his mind on China, which he previously accused as a ‘currency manipulator’. He has also changed his mind on ‘resetting’ relations with Putin and US-Russia relations are at their ‘lowest point’ in years. Trump has issued a harsh warning to North Korea to stop missile and nuclear tests. There are signals that Trump would scale up the US military engagement in Afghanistan. Trump has congratulated, with alacrity, Turkey’s President Erdogan on his referendum victory. Are all these developments related to one another?

Source: Is President Trump’s Foreign Policy Shaping Up? | Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses

All we can do is hope…..before it is too late.

8 thoughts on “Can A “Smoke Screen” Be Effective Policy?

  1. To imagine that there is a smoke screen is to imply that there is a plan. There is no foreign policy but to fly by the seat of our pants. To react without regard of consequences or in the case of N. Korea scratch our heads and bluster about the armada. Trumps sheeples cared little about foreign policy but had their head up their butt on domestic issues running scared on terrorism or just plain racists. So, here we are, is every body happy with the new monarchy?

  2. One place where Trumpie is certainly hurting is within the Intel Community. After he attacked them all, he had the audacity to hold a photo-op in front of the CIA’s Wall of Honor, and even made a joke while there.

    It was also reported that some U. S. Intel agents had warned their Israeli colleagues about sharing with the White House and the Pentagon, since that info might be passed on to Russia, and perhaps Iran. Fact or fiction, Trump is not trusted on the global scene.

    Also, I understand that there is a back-channel where agents share, all the time, even with Russia and China, if they believe that it is in their best interest. Agents are not neceessarily against each other personally. Anything to get their respective jibs done. Kind of like soldiers in war, not being be=llicose to each other personally, but just to w[each other’s national goals and philosophies.

  3. There was an excerpt of an American TV news interview here last week. Trump was being asked about the tomahawk attack, and declared that he had ‘launched 59 missiles against Iraq’. The reporter had to correct him, telling him he meant Syria. You have probably already seen that, but it gives an indication that he is not paying attention, to say the least.
    I think they should ask him to point to Syria on a map, live on TV. Then the DPRK, maybe even China…Let’s see how many he gets right.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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