Unconstitutional Foreign Policy?

I have been writing about all our many wars and the ones we fight today are basically unconstitutional.  These armed conflicts have NOT been authorized by the Congress….something the the Constitution calls for……

The sad part is that the population does not seem to care about all these unconstitutional wars.  The public needs to be aware of these wars…maybe then we can force the cowards in Congress to do their jobs.

Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen is illegal and dangerous. Yet Washington continues to backslide us in.

The White House is considering a major expansion of America’s involvement in Yemen’s civil war, according to the Washington Post. It’s a move that is not surprising given the speed with which the new administration has become embroiled in Yemen’s fight.

That does not make this development any less disappointing or unwise, enlarging as it does the U.S. role in a reckless war that has flown clear under most Americans’ radar, and which sees us supporting a Saudi coalition that’s been credibly accused of war crimes.

On top of all this, Congress has not declared war on Yemen as required by the Constitution, nor has it even bothered with an Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF). This is a presidential war in its truest sense, launched entirely at one man’s discretion and now, perhaps, expanded at the sole decision of another.

Source: Why is everyone so blasé about unconstitutional foreign policy? | Rare | Rare

Will any of this thinking change now with the attack on a Syrian military installation?

I wish the American people would work up the courage to question their leaders on war…..we need to more aware of the things done in our name……


14 thoughts on “Unconstitutional Foreign Policy?

  1. I agree with Roger 100%. If a draft was started again, all of a sudden all the Americans inside the age range would be thrust into our foreign conflicts. Rhetoric of the masses would whip lash so hard against government they wouldn’t know what hit them. Blase attitudes would suddenly become polarized against all these conflicts.

  2. If “The American Public” has not done anything about all these unconstitutional wars in all the years we have been involved in them, I don’t think there is much chance they will do anything about them at this late date. In fact, I don’t think “The American Public” has any influence on politics these days because the elites and their cronies run things pretty much the way they want them to run and the sheep on the street go their lazy mind-numbed way seeking their own immediate self-gratifications.

      1. Make draft dodging a federal offense and for those who leave the country to avoid the draft make sure they can never re enter the United States and make sure any college deferments are given only to students whose college program results in a degree that will be beneficial to the United States in some degree or the other and make those seeking deferments prove this point to the satisfaction of an independent draft board. Other than that, defer the deferment until after the draftee has served his or her time in the Military and then let Uncle Sam pick up the tab for the deferred education 100%.

      2. and I will cover that next week…there is more to “negotiations” than talking….I will give everyone a breakdown….

  3. I suppose we should count ourselves lucky here. A plan to intervene in Syria was defeated in parliament, some while back. However, we are now officially supporting the recent cruise missile attacks, so they will probably try again to get that plan through.
    Regards, Pete.

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