Closing Thought–01Feb17

It’s Only A Matter Of Time!

The Kim family of North Korea has been a thorn in the ass of the world since the 1950’s….they have managed to stay in power for over 60 years….Kim the Elder was the main force that caused the Korean War….his son Lil Kim #1 took up where daddy left off and then he dropped dead and his son Lil Kim #2 took over and the nuke stuff just kept getting worse every year…

Bur recently a defector has provided some much needed good news about the situation in North Korea…..

North Korea is on a “slippery slope” toward a “popular uprising,” says a former diplomat who defected from the country last year. Thae Yong Ho went on to say that Kim Jong Un’s “days are numbered,” the Wall Street Journal reports. According to the New York Times, Thae spoke to reporters Wednesday, part of a series of interviews he’s been giving since December. He’s the highest-ranking North Korean defector in decades. Thae says he “wasted the first 50 years of my life” but that now he’ll “be a man of action,” dedicated to bringing down Kim’s regime in North Korea. He says it’s the outside world’s job to “spray gasoline” on North Korea so that its people can “set fire to it,” the Guardian reports.

Thae says Kim’s grip on North Korea is loosening as technology makes it easier for outside culture to spread there. TV shows from South Korea and movies from China are smuggled across the border in cellphones and flash drives. Thae says with greater views of the outside world, North Koreans will soon realize “they have the right to live freely.” In fact, he says dissent is already spreading among both ordinary citizens and the elite. But he says the world must not compromise with Kim; international sanctions are working. Sitting down with Kim would give him a victory he desperately needs, and defeating Kim is the only way of solving the growing North Korean nuclear problem, Thae says.

Just how reliable is this guy?  Is he for real?  Is this possibly some sort of international intrigue?  Do we believe or do we proceed with caution?

Thank you my friends for spending part of your day with IST….

5 thoughts on “Closing Thought–01Feb17

  1. I hope this is legit–something needs to change. It’s awful the situation of the North Koreans–they’re so far behind technologically and it will take a lot to help them transition if they want it. But we’re impatient people, so perhaps their south korean brethren can help them best without making it all go nuts and implode. The saddest thing is you know there’re families that’ve been split apart this whole time that I’m sure are eager for reconciliation.

    1. Hunger seems to be their biggest problem….personally I would not trust the S. Koreans either….just a personal feeling not something scientific…chuq

  2. What worries me is that when people get desperate to hold onto power, they do stupid things that usually causes a lot of damage. It’s worrisome that North Korea could enter into a civil war or, at the very least, be dealing with a population uprising that overthrows the sitting government.

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