Closing Thought–29Dec16

Karma Is a Bitch!

Listen up!

The year is winding down and a new one awaits its birth…so why not get serious?

The election is over….Donald Trump has won and will become the 45th president of these United States.  PERIOD!

To Dems…get over yourself….you lost for good reasons.  You had a horrible candidate and you did not talk to the people about there concerns.  You see dummies…you believed your own hype and you got your ass handed to you.  We know…you are butt hurt from the loss…just get some Beaudreaux’s Butt Balm and let it go!

To Repubs…..stop whining!  You won let it go!  Stop worrying about what is being said by those on the “Left”…it does not matter!  You won the election now go and try to get through to the American people.  You should had expected everything that is being said…after all you twats spent 8 years doing the same thing with Obama.  You created the atmosphere for all this whining and crying….

Karma is truly a bitch!

All this pathetic whining on both sides is just disgusting….a waste of time that accomplishes nothing but headlines for the MSM.

Try starting a new year with the mindset that the American people, all American people, need our help and for once try and make a government work to that end.

I know…I know…that would be a novel approach that has not been tried for decades…but who knows…it might just work out for the better.


11 thoughts on “Closing Thought–29Dec16

  1. I’m standing in the bleachers watching all the whining, bitching and crying from the Repubs and Dems. I toss in a tissue box every now and again so no one slips and falls. Patiently watching, waiting, writing about issues and problems in my own way highlighting little known non-MSM news in the hopes that this awakening is actually real instead of just situational (as in Election year). Got some things being planned and strategized that I think will advance this new found awakening. Time will be the measure of success or failure.

  2. The hope for an accepting and cooperative America is a fanciful day dream from times past. America is divided and if anything the division is only going to get worse. People don’t care about each other any more. Even the young whelps are stashing their aging parents away in manure-ridden nursing homes because they don’t have the moral fabric to do right by them. No, nothing is going to get better. If anything things are going to get a lot worse as neighbor becomes comfortable with cannibalizing their neighbor and as the inevitable days of The American Caliphate draw ever nearer. Thank God some of this can be delayed for awhile by the advent of Trump.

  3. In the 2016 election, according to a couple sources, there were in excess of 136 million votes cast, in total. This means, of the more than 350 million Americans, there are at least that many people still convinced the process remains justified, or, for that matter, of any particular relevance. Like those such as one commenter, that leaves a lot of people in the bleachers, so to speak. It also gives the MSM, and those who use it to manipulate as many of the total as possible. With at least that many completely engaged in the process, either as participants, or as witnesses with invested interest, it presents a much better chance at distracting them ALL from the simple fact the whole thing is a farce, and an illusion; smoke and mirrors, to veil from sight the corruption, the thievery, the manipulation, and the absolute idiocy of imagining people actually need any of it to live…. They even think it’s important, and won’t consider other ideas that don’t conform to all they’ve been led to believe….

    That’s a lot of targets, and, only a few are even bothering to duck….

    gigoid, the dubious

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