Terminate The Libyan Campaign

We have been involved in the armed conflict in Libya from the beginning in 2011…..it was our participation along with our allies that brought about the end of Qaddafi….and it was our our participation that led to the rise of ISIS in the country and the ensuing civil war…..after 6 years it looks like we will pull our fighting out of the conflict….

A new statement from US Africa Command (Africom) has declared the US military campaign against ISIS in Libya to be “concluded,” following the fall of the last ISIS territory in the city of Sirte in recent weeks. 495 airstrikes were launched over the course of the conflict.

The US launched its war in Libya back in August, promising to defeat ISIS and support the “unity government” in taking the rest of the nation over. That government announced it’s “final push” against ISIS back in early September, but the fighting continued for months more. Even then, ISIS forces mostly withdrew from the city.

Despite nominally presenting the conflict as “over,” Africom’s statement also promised to continue US military involvement in Libya to help the “unity government” fight against ISIS across the country. In effect, they are just rebranding it as something short of a full military campaign.

It may also spell the end of the US directly trying to prop up the “unity government,” one of several factions which styles itself the rightful rulers of the country, and which controls part of the city of Tripoli, along with Sirte.


One down about about 5 major others to go.  At least that is what we are told.


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