The Cult of Trump

Not to be confused with the “Cult of Scarro” from the Doctor Who series…..or the “Cult of Obama” that so many on the Right accused us mere mortals of suffering from….this is about our new president and it is starting to look like a cult in the making…..NO?  Just listen to the people that rabidly support him….they were lied to and yet they continue to pretend that it is about the will of the people….

His followers view him as a sort of prophet of American triumphalism.

As of this writing, Donald Trump is making his cabinet picks, which aside from conspiracy-monger Steve Bannon, look like the usual rightward Wall Street and D.C. insiders. The Trump regime seems so far like it will promote an uglier and more aggressive version of the standard Republican policies: deregulation, privatization and tax cuts for the wealthy. We can expect to see over the coming years the continued decline of the middle class, a shrinking social safety net, an acceleration of environmental catastrophe, unchecked corporate malfeasance, expanding federal deficits, and a deepening of the surveillance state. There will most likely be diversionary tactics in the form of more warfare abroad and the concomitant curtailing of civil liberties at home. Trump will likely fulfill many of his campaign promises, albeit in scaled-down versions. But don’t expect his followers to abandon him even if he reneges on many key commitments from his electric, nationalistic rallies.

Source: The Cult of Trump | Alternet

Of course this will be some sort of “Left wing” conspiracy…….a conspiracy to keep him from assuming his rightful place in the hierarchy of American emperors….personally, I do not give a crap about party politics… concern is what any of this will do to the fabric of American society and I see a rip forming that could take decades to heal.

I will wait for the test of governing…..but for now the appearance is not looking solid.


26 thoughts on “The Cult of Trump

  1. Quote: “His followers view him as a sort of prophet of American triumphalism” Don’t they mean “Trumpalism?” It’s after midnight, what did you expect?

  2. If his election were not the will of the people according to the way America elects Her officials then he would not have been elected, plain and simple. His election was the will of the people. He won the election. The people elected him. He is the legitimate president. To be a supporter is in no way being a member of any kind of cult. That kind of thinking is unhinged. I suppose the Hillary addicts were not part of any kind of cult according to that way of thinking.

    1. The “Rip” referred to here did not start with the advent of Trump … It started with Sarah Palin’s declaration of Red States and Blue States … the first major public admission of the great American divide. The rift started with a phenomenon called “Neocon” and was cemented by something else calling itself “Tea party.”

      1. Just what we need these days….a continental divide…and it is only get worse. I would say “trust me” but that is the call of a con man….

      2. Nothing wrong with being a con man. I am a con man and have been a con man for a lot of years now. In fact, I don’t know anybody that doesn’t have a con of one kind or the other going ….Trust me when I tell you that. We are all con men in one way or the other just the same as all have sinned and come short of the glory of God … same principle … if “Principle” happens to be a thing.

    2. Of course there is…and that is the problem…voters are attracted to celebs and not issue that determine their lives…I personally do not give a crap which worthless turd wins just that they do what is right by the people.

  3. Again, Trump did not win the majority of votes by THE PEOPLE. He was short a couple of million, but with Putin behind you HACKING into our data, leaking data against your opponent, who needs THE PEOPLE?

      1. Hopefully by the next election we will be rid of the archaic system that brought us Mr. Trump…if we are not too tightly bound to the Kremlin.

  4. The concept of ‘original sin’, which engenders the attitude that all humans are flawed, therefore it;s okay to fool them, to be a ‘con man’ is, perhaps, the most pervasive delusion from which humankind suffers…Not only does it engender an unnatural tendency to believe in supernatural forces beyond their control, thus placing them in a submissive state of mind, but, leads them to believe in their need to be governed, another piece of delusional ideation, made even more pernicious when joined together with the delusion that money exists as anything other than an idea.

    Combine those three particularly ignorant assertions of non-reality based non-evidential belief, and you get what we’ve seen for nearly 10,000 years, to wit: humans in a state of constant conflict, as those without any compassion or humanity take out their ignorance and fear on those who just wish to live. When it is considered ‘normal’ to lie, to cheat, to steal from others, just because it can be done, there is no hope for any sort of consensual culture; it is destined, by its oppressive, antediluvian attitude toward community, to inhibit the more rational side of our nature, in favor of a universal belief in entitlement and self-service…

    What we are witnessing is the decline of humanity, all because they choose to believe a load of crap, foisted upon them by unscrupulous scoundrels, who have not a single redeeming characteristic, having long ago decided they were more important than anyone else on the planet…. They’ll continue to hoodwink, and divide people, for just as long as there are fools to fool….

    Fuck ignorance; fuck religion, fuck government, and fuck money. We don’t need any of them to survive, or to get along, and anyone who tells you different wants your money, or your allegiance, or your soul… and, they certainly don’t want you to have anything they consider theirs….

    Homo suicidus has infested the surface of this planet for, I think, longer than we’ve so far indicated any right to deserve….

    I call bullshit, on ALL of modern society….

    gigoid, the dubious, for damn, fucking good reason….

    P.S. I’m posting this rant on Facebook too; should produce some noise there…. *wink* The mundanes will swarm like angry hornets….

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