Anti-Globalists Used to Be Left Wingers

During this past election there was a term bounced around and it has caught on for the Right wing when they are searching for an insult to anyone that disagrees with them….”globalist”.

I tried to cover this situation in an op-ed for my friend at Ace News Room…….

For a decade those people that do not agree with the bean brains on the Right have been labelled…..”apologists“……”elitists“……”socialists“…..”bleeding hearts” and now we are “globalists“…..which is fine but I am not sure that the nose pickers actually knows what the term means….other than a convenient insult.

But as with anything thing its meaning is subjective……subject to the whims and mental farts of idiots.

The “Globalist Agenda“….as defined by a conspiracy site(I would give a link but screw it…find the looney tunes for yourself)……

Source: Warning: The “Globalists” Are Coming | Ace News Room

And now for the part that so many dislike….my historic perspective…..(listen for the moans and groans)……

Not so long ago it was the Left that was spouting the anti-globalist rhetoric……

If the current political narrative pits Donald Trump’s “real Americans” against the “global elites,” in the waning days of the 20th century it was just the reverse. Organized opposition to global “free trade” agreements was overwhelmingly a province of the left (though with a diverse sprinkling of various small-scale traditionalists). Anti-globalization protesters suffered intense police repression and were treated as misfits, oddballs or at best an inscrutable coalition of disparate groups — although polls showed they enjoyed public support. If that earlier, pro-democracy anti-globalist movement had been listened to and engaged with by elites, we might not be facing the kind of much darker anti-globalist backlash we’re seeing today.

Source: Historic Switcheroo: Anti-Globalists Used to Be Left Wingers; Now It is Donald Trump | Alternet


2 thoughts on “Anti-Globalists Used to Be Left Wingers

  1. Kind of a real-time irony, isn’t it? To me, it shows the basic flaw in reasoning most folks engage in when they adopt ANY label, for they automatically make the assumption, (isn’t there an old saying about the word ‘assume’?…) the person, or organization, or whatever actually IS the label. Of course, then there is the problem with the people involved being primarily political animals, who have a distinct inability to either distinguish, or, even more, tell the truth….

    Drop the labels, ffolkes; try just thinking without assigning any value; let the action speak..

    “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to consider two thoughts simultaneously, without believing either.” — Socrates, Aristotle, Albert Einstein, and others throughout history…. in various word combinations natural to different languages & cultures…

    gigoid, the dubious

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