Is Trump A Socialist?

Did you hear that?  That was the sound of millions of Trump supporters asses slamming shut!

Please read the post and not just the title like so many do…..

Ever read something that makes sit back and have a good chuckle?  Well I found one over the weekend……

Surely you have heard about the deal the Trump made with Carrier (UTC)…..the one about the jobs….ring a bell yet?

Don’t strain that sleeping brain……

With his deal to keep Carrier’s factory in Indianapolis open, Donald Trump has fulfilled a big campaign promise, saved 1,100 highly paid American jobs—and, once again, created an enormous controversy. Carrier, which had planned to shift production to Mexico, will receive at least $7 million in financial incentives from Indiana. Critics say this sets a dangerous precedent, and wonder whether Trump is planning to make deals with every company that threatens to move jobs overseas. A round-up of coverage:

  • Trump praised the deal in a visit to the factory Thursday, CBS reports. “Companies are not going to leave the United States anymore without consequences. It’s not gonna happen,” he said.
  • United Technologies, Carrier’s parent company, “took Trump hostage and won. And that should send a shock wave of fear through all workers across the country,” Bernie Sanders writes in a Washington Post op-ed. With the deal, he writes Trump has endangered previously safe jobs by signaling “to every corporation in America that they can threaten to offshore jobs in exchange for business-friendly tax benefits and incentives.”
  • White House press secretary Josh Earnest told reporters the deal is “obviously good news,” but hardly comparable to the 804,000 jobs in the manufacturing sector he said President Obama created, the Guardian reports. Trump would need to “make 804 more announcements just like that” to equal what Obama did, Earnest said.
  • Trump revealed to Carrier workers that despite his promise to keep jobs there, he hadn’t really been talking about that particular factory. “I said Carrier will never leave,” he said. “But that was a euphemism. I was talking about Carrier like all the other companies from here on in.” He said he decided to get on the phone to execs anyway “because of the love affair I’ve had—this has been a very special state to us.”
  • Jimmy Pethokoukis, an analyst at the conservative American Enterprise Institute, didn’t pull his punches in an interview with CNBC. He said Trump’s remarks were the worst economic speech since Walter Mondale’s attack on Reaganomics in 1984. He says it is “absolutely chilling” that American corporations will now have to make business decisions based on “fear of punitive actions based on who knows what criteria exactly from a presidential administration.”
  • NPR notes that United Technologies makes a lot of money from government contracts, suggesting “strong-arm” tactics played a role in the deal. Analysts including George Mason University professor of economics Tyler Cowen, a libertarian, warns that “crony capitalism” could prevail under Trump, with plenty of rewards flowing to companies that please the president.
  • But at the Carrier plant itself, the mood is unsurprisingly jubilant—and pro-Trump. The announcement was a “Christmas miracle,” Jeffery Blackford, who was worked for the company for 25 years, tells the Indianapolis Star, which reports that under the deal, the average wage will be $30.91 an hour. “Hopefully this right here will be a start of a new beginning, where we can stop manufacturing from leaving this country.”

That should catch you up…..

A leading conservative writer has stepped up and given what Trump has done a name……

GEORGE WILL: So far Donald Trump’s style is personal, not to say visceral, and ad hoc. And what that adds up to is a kind of use of presidential power absolutely unconstrained by law and statute and all those other niceties. The problem is when you have, in the Carrier case, political power used to bring pressure upon a privately held corporation that has a fiduciary duty to maximize shareholder value and drive them off with political pressure from making economic decisions about economic assets, you are, in effect, at the end of the day, getting the federal government involved in capital allocation. There is a name for that, it’s called socialism.

This ought to put the conservative writer on the shit list of all those slobbering Trump supporters……

After accusing the Left for decades of being a socialist group and plotting to somehow install a socialist government….we find the Trump is more socialist than the Left…..according to Will.

I cannot wait for the mindless dribble that should come my way…..but…….

Please before you slugs on the Right have anything to say….leave me out of it…..your point of contention is with George Will, a fellow conservative….all I did was show that not all conservatives are willing to kiss his ass like you.


10 thoughts on “Is Trump A Socialist?

  1. Trump can be described, if we’re to believe MSM, as a Fascist Communist supporting Socialist Conservatism. Now there’s a mouthful of oxymoron’s if I ever saw it.

    1. I figured Will would get pushback…..when he is “spot on” he is a genius…and now not so…personally I never thought he was a genius…..just a dyed in the wool GOPer

  2. Trump a socialist? Well, if for a bright moment Trump demonstrated the value of proper government which is, indeed, to protect “the people” from predatory profit seekers leaving a country high and dry that gave them their start money to seek higher profits in slave labour countries, then he should be proud that he did this. It’s what governments are supposed to do. It’s what they should have always been doing. Why have them, or support them, if all they do is hand everything over to the peoples’ “enemies”- users, abusers, enslavers, i.e. to corporations and banks? I’d like to give that Will shill a piece of my mind, having worked for 42.5 years for an American corporation solidly held in check by our Teamsters Union and half decent Canadian labour protection laws. If he thinks the Canadian government is “socialist” he needs to go back to grade school and study up on the meaning of the word. In America, just throwing the label “Socialist!” at anything that walks or talks is like waving a red flag in front of a bull – there is no more intelligence in it than that. Could a billionaire be a socialist? Want to talk about oxymorons, or just morons, George?

  3. Now, chuq, be nice… *grin*

    Actually, I grinned the entire way through to the end, as I imagine you did. This, naturally, provides at least a smidgen of relief from the general tenor of having to think about politics at all, as well as allowing one to distance themselves from the somber ‘film noir’ nature of any current contemplation of the future of the human race at large, a depressing matter, as is patently clear.

    If not, well, at least there’s always a chuckle or two in thinking about the Trumpet as a socialist….

    Can you hear the echoes of mirth?

    gigoid, the dubious

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