Reclaim the Identity of the Left

Back in my younger days I was a radical and worked to change the political system….I worked within the confines of the system to exact change….Reagan reinvigorated my resolve to make change…Bush1 was just an extension of my desire….and then the country threw us on the Left a mickey….the election of Bill Clinton, a conserv in Dem clothing……we tried to warn the country but few wanted to hear what we were saying…..and look what that brought.

Many on the Left are crying in their beers…..but that will not bring the change they so want….the Left needs to set about making the changes needed to start representing the working class….something they have NOT done in 25+ years…..if they truly want to win…then the ONLY concern should be that of the working class.

This election has been something that the American left had never dreamed of: The rise of a demagogue spouting fascist rhetoric against the roaring cheers of white America.

An authoritarian right will now rule over a Republican-held Congress, with the choosing of new Supreme Court justices on the agenda.

The anger fueling Trump’s rise was palpable because it wasn’t new. Economic stagnation has been happening for decades as deindustrialization, neoliberalism and union busting took its toll. The Rust Belt rusted over and small farms were forced into foreclosure. That anger had a narrative thrusted upon it, and it didn’t come from the left.

Source: Trump’s Victory Is an Opportunity to Reclaim the Identity of the Left

Good advice if you want to regain your standing with the American people….

For sake of argument…….. the National Review wades into the conversation…..

The Left is not going to learn any lessons from 2016, apparently. Democrats in the House just crushed an upstart challenge to Nancy Pelosi’s decade-long leadership, rejecting Tim Ryan, a 43-year-old congressman who represents a swath of post-industrial Ohio from Youngstown to Akron and co-chairs the Congressional Manufacturing Caucus, for the 76-year-old San Francisco congresswoman who has presided over the largest House losses in modern memory, and who famously said that the House had to pass the Affordable Care Act “so you can find out what is in it.” As for leadership outside the halls of Congress, the favorite to head the Democratic National Committee has been Keith Ellison, a Muslim congressman from Minnesota who has extensive ties to the Nation of Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood, and who has compared the September 11 attacks to the burning of the Reichstag.

Source: American Left, We Need You to Recover Your Sanity | National Review

I will agree that the Left, the true Left, needs to re-group and find a better way forward…..reverting back to the 1990’s is NOT the way forward.
Thoughts?  But please if you want to go on some socialism rant save it for your crazy uncle Bill over Christmas dinner.

2 thoughts on “Reclaim the Identity of the Left

  1. I was also an activist, since my time at UC Berkeley, in 1968. Over the years, I’ve witnessed the complete corruption, long a simmering pot on the American political stove, come to a complete boil-over, covering the entire picture with slime and the smell of burnt flesh. I no longer believe there is ANY political solution to the problems inherent in the system under which we now labor.

    Only cataclysmic events which will change the very face of the earth will stop the insanity; you can’t fix what’s left of the American Dream (which was only an illusion to begin with….). People of good heart, and virtue, have no options for being able to create change in our system, but, our species’ own insanity will do so in the end.

    The best strategy I can see is to look to one’s own security, and hopeful survival; people aren’t going to ‘come together’ in sufficient numbers to make a difference; the corruption is too deeply embedded, until now, those who either choose evil, or simply submit to it, have the greater numbers.’

    gigoid, the dubious

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