It’s Time to End the Electoral College

NOTE:  Please forgive today’s posts…they may be few and short….for today is my day to be poked, probed, goosed et al by my doctors and you would think with all that abuse at least I could get a kiss….but NO!…..just a bill.

I intended to post this before the election but decided that if the conversation is going to move forward it will be after this election…but I am NOT optimistic….plus this is my final post on the subject of the EC.(and the peasants dance)

Without the electoral college then we might have a Pres. Clinton….for as of this writing appears to have won the popular vote….the very thought sends a chill up my spine…..

There is loads of rhetoric this election as it has been in ones before of a rigged system…..I will agree that the system is rigged but I see as the electoral college as the problem not some bullshit about voter fraud…..

Before I go any further let me help the reader understand how the Electoral College works…..before you can hate something it would be a good idea to know what it actually is…..

Source: The Economist explains: How does America’s electoral college work? | The Economist

I recently was contacted by a group that wanted me to write a short piece about the possibility of eliminating the electoral college which got me to thinking about something that I had not considered in a couple of years…..

Source: Can The Electoral College Be Killed? – In Saner Thought

I have been calling for the destruction of the electoral college for 40 years….maybe this election will make my voice amplify……

Gallup has asked the question since 1944, and a majority has always supported an end to the Electoral College, ranging from 80 percent in 1968 to 63 percent in 2013.

Raise your hand if you think that the president of the United States should be elected by the popular vote. Ah, it looks like most of you do. Hands down and know that you’re not alone.

In fact, poll after poll, for quite some time, has shown that most Americans would like to replace the Electoral College delegate system with the popular vote – one person, one vote and the candidate with the most votes wins. Gallup has asked the question since 1944, and a majority has always supported an end to the Electoral College, ranging from 80 percent in 1968 to 63 percent in 2013. And not surprisingly, 70 percent of 18 to 29-year-olds are anxious to end the undemocratic practice of voting for electors who, in turn, vote for the president.

Source: It’s Time to End the Electoral College – LA Progressive

Maybe after the disaster that is the 2016 election is over the American people will see the need to the elimination of the rigged electoral college….

Time for the voter to be put in charge of the circus we call elections.

But sadly the media and the 2 parties are in control…they will not allow the electoral college go away……the media needs it to drive the agenda of swing states that drives the media coverage and the parties will not allow it because they would lose control of the system and the people would once again be in charge….all of this does not bode well for the disappearance of the electoral college……

After this election, 2016, the conversation will once again arise about the electoral college…..a conversation we need but like most other conversations it will be mostly talk with little action.

Source: The Electoral College Is Hated by Many. So Why Does It Endure? – The New York Times

We can piss and moan forever about this……until the American people realize just how screwed they are it will continue to distort American democracy…….

The election commentary now filling the Internet seems distinctly out of touch. Many analysts are castigating Hillary Clinton for all the things she did wrong, her failure to connect with white workers in the Rust Belt, her inability to sufficiently rally blacks, and so on. Or they’re criticizing the American people for falling for a racist, sexist know-nothing like Donald Trump.

But these critics are ignoring the elephant in the parlor. The simple fact is that Americans didn’t elect Trump. An ancient relic known as the Electoral College did. For better or worse, a plurality of the people voted for Hillary Clinton.

Source: How Electoral College Cheats Democracy – Consortiumnews



6 thoughts on “It’s Time to End the Electoral College

  1. You pretty much covered all my pain points. It needs to go away, or at the very least, modernized to make it as close to one person/one vote as possible. Apportioned by state based on popular vote perhaps.

    Short of everyone calling their congress persons saying they want the EC to go away, I doubt anything will be done because as you say, its all talk with little to no action.

    1. It would not…like I stated the media and others need the EC to drive the agenda….so short of a revolution we will be saddled with it for now….chuq

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