Where Did The Money Go?

I along with so many others are tired of the waste of cash by the Pentagon…they get all the cash they want and then set off to piss it away…..we all know the horror of a $60 hammer or a $300 toilet seat…..

But there are times that the Pentagon is just wrong and how can a “small government” GOP Congress allow it to continue?

What am I going on about?

The good news: A Pentagon-requested study on administrative waste turned up plenty of fodder for officials to work with in streamlining operations. The bad news: The study found so much internal waste—$125 billion worth—that Pentagon officials seemingly tried to squash it, based on interviews and secret memos seen by the Washington Post. The report, issued in January 2015 by the Defense Business Board, found what the Post refers to as a “bloated bureaucracy,” with nearly a quarter of the defense budget used on overhead and administrative costs like HR and accounting. The study offered the DOD a five-year plan to save that $125 billion (including through attrition and maximizing its IT capabilities), at which point it appears enthusiasm for the report waned as Pentagon brass worried future military funds would be cut if Congress and the White House got wind of the results.

The Post details how the Pentagon went into downplay mode, restricting the study’s data and taking down a public summary. Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work, the Pentagon’s No. 2 official, commissioned the report—even after one board member warned him “you are about to turn on the light in a very dark room”—but his stance shifted when the study was done. “There is this meme that we’re some bloated, giant organization,” Work told the Post, noting the study “vastly overstates what’s really going on.” He noted it’s not easy to carry out some of the board’s suggestions, including getting rid of federal jobs, though he says the Pentagon will partly implement some of them to bring an estimated $30 billion in savings by 2020. “We’re the largest bureaucracy in the world,” Work said. “There’s going to be some inherent inefficiencies in that.”

Not only are the Repubs bullshit specialists but they also cover for this sort of thing when it comes to the Pentagon…like they are somehow above having to account for the taxpayers money they are given…..

Will this new upcoming Congress be any different?  (the sound of raucous laughter)…..maybe a good place to look for help with the deficit would be the Pentagon…..

Republicans are always railing against “government waste” in their never-ending quest to cut government programs. Well, the Washington Post has presented them with the quintessential example of what they can tackle as soon as the new Congress is sworn in: an almost unfathomable amount of taxpayer dollars being wasted at the Defense Department.

The Post’s Craig Whitlock and Bob Woodward published an incredible investigation on Monday uncovering that the Pentagon itself commissioned an internal report aimed at identifying wasteful spending within its bureaucracy. The auditors, which only looked at the agency’s business and support operations, found a staggering $125bn that the Pentagon was wasting.

Source: If Republicans want to cut fat, they might start at the Pentagon | Trevor Timm | Opinion | The Guardian

The Air Force has a dud of a plane (which I have written about extensively) and the Navy has ships that it cannot afford….

The U.S. Navy today has only 272 deployable warships — a decline of more than 50 percent in just the last three decades — of which fewer than a third put to sea at any given time. Although the U. S. Navy remains by far the strongest force of its kind, current fleet trends call into question its future ability to meet inflated global missions that include tracking Russian submarines in the Arctic, patrolling the Persian Gulf, and defeating China on its home seas.

Rather than rethink those missions, the Navy is clamoring for more appropriations to pay for budget-busting weapons systems. For example, the Navy wants a dozen new ballistic-missile-carrying nuclear submarines at an estimated cost of about $140 billion. A single new Ford Class nuclear aircraft carrier will cost taxpayers nearly $14 billion — and that doesn’t include the inordinately expensive aircraft it will carry or the support ships needed to help protect it.

Source: New Navy Ship Leaking Tax Dollars – Consortiumnews

Trump has promised the best equipment and weapons….but does that include drains on our vital resources?

Just a thought that will get NO consideration from a GOP controlled Congress.


20 thoughts on “Where Did The Money Go?

  1. I think the problem her is that most Americans don’t realize just how much $125 billion actually works out to be. A bit of a math lesson here (hope my calculations are right). If you spent $1,000,000 per day, everyday, it would take you approximately 342 years to spend $125 billion. I could be crazy saying this, but there are better things to spend our money on in this country than the Pentagon.

  2. The “Bloated Bureaucracy” has been the accepted norm from Day One. I believe Trump is more sensitive to government waste as he has already shown in his now well-published displeasure with the idea of buying $4-billion more dollars worth of an “Air Force One” do over. I like his idea of bringing the onboard merchandise up to snuff with technological advances. There is no reason the existing planes cannot be re-tooled even to the extent of giving them the required anti-missile defense capabilities they need. Trump has shown his disfavor of spending all the extra money and that should give somebody an indication that he probably intends to go after government waste big time.

      1. “Honest Appraisal” meaning “The truth being presented as truth is only truth if it agrees with someone’s perception of truth because one person’s truth is another person’s fiction; one person’s meat is another person’s poison and so on and so forth. Truth lies in perception; never in some absolute. And if Truth does lie in some absolute then it can never be fully stated or comprehended because of individual tendencies toward biasing everything observed. Honest appraisals therefore can never be anything more than what one person or a group of persons believes (or wants to believe) about something.

      2. A fellow student suffered serious burns when he tried this once. The match he used certaily did turn out to be worthless. He stopped playing with matches after that incident.

  3. Two things: the Pentagon is a black hole of waste but for those of us who support the people of the world against US military intervention, the more money is wasted “in” the Pentagon, the less there is to actually kill people. A sort of good news. The other thing is, Americans should know by now the kind of creature they elected POTUS. The Carrier event says it all. The globalists are going to gut what’s left of the country’s resources and economy to line their pockets and pay for their expansion/maintenance of global control and exploitation. If I were an American at the moment (not much better living in one of its non-banana-growing banana “republics”) I’d be polishing my mantra: “Expect the worse and you won’t be disappointed.”
    In keeping with that second point, if time permits you may want to read this on Tomdispatch:

  4. I am currently attempting to maintain some balance, so, I’ll just say, it would all be entertaining(in much the same way the Gong Show was entertaining) if it weren’t so fucking insane….

    I guess I need to focus on the entertainment value for now; insanity is less resistant to irony than to anger.

    gigoid, the dubious

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