Trump’s Economic Plan

To say that I have been disappointed in the results of Trump’s search for a cabinet would be an understatement… far his picks have been nothing more that the same vermin that has always been in the swamp.

And then there is his much taunted economic plan for the country… make the “country great again”…..personally I do not like what I see….does not appear to benefit any of us peasants that he tried to champion…..

But let’s look……

Trump’s economic plan can be broken into three parts: Tax cuts, deregulation and fiscal stimulus.

As far as tax cuts, there are three main subsets:

1–The corporate tax rate, which Trump wants to drop from 35 percent to 15 percent.

2–A tax cut on the so-called “repatriation of funds”– which lowers the rate on roughly $2 trillion of cash that’s currently stashed overseas by uber-rich US businesses that have been evading US corporate taxes for years. Trump wants to give these tax dodgers a one-time “holiday” with a 10% penalty for companies that agree to bring their cash back to the US. Trump believes that the one-time tax break will increase business investment and employment in the US. Critics say the scheme will not work unless the economy strengthens and demand grows.

3–Trump also wants to reduce the top tax rate from 39.6% to 33%, while making modest reductions to the other brackets. Under the Trump plan, “a taxpayer who makes between $48,000 to $83,000 a year would save about $1,000 (while) people in the top 0.01%, making $3.7 million or more in a year, would receive $1 million in annual tax savings.”

Source: Trump’s Economic Plan: This Isn’t Going to Work – The Unz Review

I know that his diehard supporters think he will do some miraculous things….but I just cannot see it….

Even the GOP House is not on-board with Trump……..

Donald Trump isn’t going to have a honeymoon period with House Republicans, if the frosty response to his call for a 35% tariff on companies leaving the US is anything to go by. House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy was among those pushing back against the policies Trump called for in a series of tweets over the weekend, the AP reports. “I don’t want to get into some kind of trade war,” McCarthy said, arguing that lowering corporate tax rates would be a much better way to stop companies leaving the country. “We’ve got to have a level playing field, that companies in America can compete on a level playing field across the world, and right now we do not have one.” McCarthy said it was healthy for a president to get involved in saving American jobs—but he believes in the free market, not “picking winners and losers.”

House Speaker Paul Ryan also called for policies more in keeping with the traditional GOP position on free trade, reports the New York Times. “We can get at the goal here, which is to keep American businesses American, build things in America, and sell them overseas—that can be properly addressed with comprehensive tax reform,” he said. Trump’s tariff plan, which is likely to need congressional approval, may have more fans among Democrats. Trump “won in part by campaigning against the Republican establishment on many economic issues,” said Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer, the next Senate minority leader. “If he wants to get something done for working families in this country, he’ll have to stand up to them when it comes time to govern, too.”

Will he, Trump, learn to work with his “buds” in the House?

He has promised an infrastructure boom, a huge military, tax reform, on and on and on….one question Mr. Trump……

Where you gonna get all this f*cking money?


16 thoughts on “Trump’s Economic Plan

  1. You’re in for a surprise. You will see many jobs remain here at home, unlike what happened on Obamas watch. The tariffs are needed. Who cares about a trade war, we have been on the other end of that stick for too many years. I also like the tax plan, In fact , I am a little dissapointed too, I would have liked to see more of a flat-tax.

    1. WE will see….my problem is I want to hear how he will accomplish these grandiose things….just saying he will is not a plan in my book….but we will not know until after 20 Jan……after that will he deliver? Thanx for the comment and welcome to IST…chuq

      1. Come on, he had an agenda in his campaign of grandiose proportions, much like many other candidates did in past elections. I won’t hold him to every one of his promises, because not most politicians do. I think his message was spot on, it covered most of what is wrong with America today. I’m hopeful, but we need to give him a chance. He is not even in office yet. . .

      2. You are right and I have given all BS artists candidates the same Hell…his message was simplistic and immature like all politicians…he played to the lowest IQ in the bunch…I am a policy wonk and want to see concrete plans….but you are right he has not taken office yet..America has always been GREAT it does not need to be made so again…it never stopped.

  2. First of all the “Vermin” have not been in that part of the swamp yet so give them a chance. The last time I heard human beings referred to as vermin was in the film, “Schindler’s List.” It was a great film. I liked it! So keep up the good profiling work. I do it myself. It helps to point out where the dangers are. I have mentioned this before when discussing Radical Muslim Terrorists.

    Grandiose plans are potentials for great plans. I like someone who thinks big even if they eventually fail to get all they wanted to do done. I would rather see Trump with big plans as somebody else with no plans at all or with plans that are so feeble they never have a chance of success …. such as Obama Care for example.

    By the way — it is those possessed of “The Lowest IQ in the bunch” — (you know … the rabble …. the commoners… the have-nots — the 47% — It is the rabble and the vermin who have historically made waste of elitist daydreams and schemes. I love the low class because I am one myself. It was the “Scum of the Earth” that wrought a new nation out of the insane demands of an impotent King in the 1700s… I am all for big ideas and the little guy.

    Imagine what the Tories must have thought of the idea of America as an Independent country during their height of Britain’s “Empire on which the sun never sat.”

    Trumps’ message is simplistic because it is from the simplest seeds that the greatest oaks tend to grow. One simple, humble, feeble little voice crying in a wilderness brought about the salvation of the world 2000 years ago.

    Never underestimate the power of “Simple.”

    Never short change Big Dreams because if it hadn’t been for “Big Dreams” and seemingly unattainable goals we might still be riding mules, sending messages by smoke signal, wearing loincloths in an uncleared wilderness and speaking Japanese.

    1. It is wonderful that you have such faith in the “vermin”…I wish I could…but I have watched too many simplistic plans for the US go up in smoke and bullshit….without Tom Paine the Tories would still be wondering…..he was a simple voice and you are right…there can be great moves of improvement…I just cannot see it right now….I am just pointing out the possible shortcomings…if we do not look for the problems then those plans are for crap.

      1. If you cannot see any waiting problems then you are doomed to fail… are good but they also create problems…we need to make sure that any “plans” are long lasting not some BS flash in in a pan.

        BTW..I do not recall ever using “vermin” in my lead up to the referenced article….did I miss something.

      2. Big, bold Mankind … with all it’s superior intellect and genius has been looking for a way to rid itself of cock roaches for how many years now? And the cockroaches just keep on marching don’t they? — Supeerior intellect isn’t worth the powder and lead it would take to blow it to (****) sometimes.

      3. I know that you do not particular appreciate people with brains but all positive strives were made possible by mental power…..a shoe works wonders on a roach…at least in my house.

  3. ” – – – To say that I have been disappointed in the results of Trump’s search for a cabinet would be an understatement… far his picks have been nothing more that the same vermin that has always been in the swamp. . . . (Must have been somebody else that used the word “Vermin” in the lead up. Sorry about that.

    1. You are right and I stand corrected…..maybe that was a bit much….comes in handy having archives so people can correct me….that is why I have them.

    2. But in this case I stand by the term for some of his choices are the very people that created 2008 crash….I should have used a better term to describe these people….but at the time “vermin” was my only thought….

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