Closing Thought–07Dec16

75 years ago day……

Today we commemorate the “Day of Infamy”…..the Japanese attack on our naval base at Pearl Harbor….they also attacks a few other installations but Pearl Harbor was the biggie for them……the day we entered into the conflict known as “World War 2″…….

Please take a moment and remember those brave men, 2403 total, that gave their lives on this day……they should NEVER be forgotten!

We are also in the middle of commemorating the 100 years that it has been since the start of another “Great War”….World War One…the war that gave us the world we now live in……

The world as we know it today began with the 1st World War…..and sadly…not much has changed…..

As this year closes out I want to remember the horrible battles and the massive deaths of that war and that year, 1916…..the Battle of the Somme, Verdun, the Alps, etc…….

Spend a few minutes of your time and see what the soldiers a hundred years ago faced…..

Source: Overview of 1916 During World War 1

Thanx for your time….please take some time to remember these braves souls also….

We should NEVER forget the sacrifices that our troops have made over the years…….and are still making…..we owe them so much…..and we remember so little.


13 thoughts on “Closing Thought–07Dec16

      1. I was born on the 1970’s, but that doesn’t make the attack on Pearl Harbor mean any less to me. It’s important we remember to have any chance of not repeating the past. We have a poor track record unfortunately.

  1. Gotta leave this one; the subject is too big for a comment. I tried to think of a summary thought, but, the only way I could give it justice is with about 5000 or more words (which went through my head while trying to trim it…).

    I’ll take the old advice and pick my battles…

    gigoid the dubious

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