Should We Rid Our Society Of The Electoral College?

The short answer for me is…..YES!

I was recently contacted about writing some articles about the electoral college…I originally declined since I am not an expert on the subject….but the more I thought about it I decided that something needs to be done…..

Apparently Trump won the electoral college and Clinton won the popular vote by some 1+ million votes…..with that has come the call for the elimination of the electoral college…..

Every four years, the Electoral College creeps back into the lives of American voters. In some presidential elections, the strange, indirect system used to select the next U.S. president can feel like a formality that doesn’t seem to matter much.

In other elections, it matters very much indeed. This is one of those years.

On Nov. 8, Donald Trump surpassed the necessary electoral votes to become the nation’s president-elect. But if you look at the popular vote, which is the direct number of votes cast, Hillary Clinton beat Trump by about 1 million votes.

Source: Critics Work To Get Rid Of The Electoral College : NPR

I am sure that the Trump supporters will be fine with the results…but would they if the shoe was on the other foot…..more stuff about a “rigged election” would be flying all over the internet, especially those blogs.

Personally, I have written several times during several elections that the college needs to go away and that the popular vote should be the only decider of an election…..

I have a couple of reasons….why I do not like the electoral college…..

1. The person a majority of Americans favor may not win.
Certain smaller states have a larger percentage of Electoral College votes than their percentage of population of the United States. This is because the minimum number of Electoral College votes for a state is three. Some consider this to not be democratic.

2. It’s complicated and dissuades people from voting.
A popular vote is a simple majority, but the Electoral College consists of redistributing votes every 10 years because of population changes and electing delegates. There are many more steps involved, which may give citizens the feeling that their vote does not matter, encouraging them to stay home instead of visiting the ballot box on election days, according to the U.S. Election Atlas.

3. Small states and swing states get more power.
One man does not equal one vote. California’s 55 Electoral College votes mean there are 705,454 people per vote while there are only 194,717 people for each of Wyoming’s three electoral votes.

I believe that the electoral college cheats democracy completely……

The election commentary now filling the Internet seems distinctly out of touch. Many analysts are castigating Hillary Clinton for all the things she did wrong, her failure to connect with white workers in the Rust Belt, her inability to sufficiently rally blacks, and so on. Or they’re criticizing the American people for falling for a racist, sexist know-nothing like Donald Trump.

But these critics are ignoring the elephant in the parlor. The simple fact is that Americans didn’t elect Trump. An ancient relic known as the Electoral College did. For better or worse, a plurality of the people voted for Hillary Clinton.

Source: How Electoral College Cheats Democracy – Consortiumnews

My dislike has nothing to do with this election…..(contrary to popular belief….I did not care who won the damn thing….NOTHING was gonna change) I have been a verbal critic for decades….only difference now is that people are starting to see what I have been preaching about and have seen the need to eliminate this dinosaur from the 18th century.

Please bear with me….there is one more piece I need to write in this mini-series and it will be done and you can think about who is going to win “Dancing With The Stars”…..


8 thoughts on “Should We Rid Our Society Of The Electoral College?

  1. I didn’t realize “Dancing with the Stars” was still on. Guess I’m too busy learning about our country and increasing my awareness to care that much about a stupid “reality” show. Yes, sarcasm was intended.

    I’d vote to abolish the Electoral College. It’s defined in the U.S. Constitution under Amendment 12 – Choosing the President, Vice-President, if anyone is interested in some reading.

      1. I’m not happy about admitting that I’ve watched this movie, in it’s entirety. The idea of “House of Representin'” is interestingly humorous though.

        Yes, I do agree 100%!

      2. From my first viewing I thought that it was gonna be prophetic…I have been watching trends in our politics and it is not a pretty sight….

  2. The information needed to be aware has always been available, in short pieces, from comedians, and movies, and books, etc. Not nearly enough people have the ability to absorb and understand it, simply because most of them lost their crap detectors long ago, before the age of reason. I saw a clip from the movie “Good Will Hunting” on FB yesterday, in which the title character, while being recruited by the NSA, delivers a scathing indictment of them, and all they do to harm society. It’s brilliant, and true as the day is long, but, few remember it…. because they are trained not to believe they can do anything.

    We’ve had our chances, all along. Not enough people took them seriously enough to have made the difference…. Now, we are paying the price, in having to live in a world based on a movie, one regarded merely as a farce….

    gigoid, the dubious

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