How To Break The Boredom

My Sunday dawned with some much needed cooler weather….

I would like to give my observations on a subject that is my guilty pleasure….auto racing.

No not NASCAR….while it is unpredictable and exciting at times….I just cannot get into fast driving and turn left the whole race.

Instead I enjoy sports car racing like Le Mans and Sebring and Formula One racing…..I have been an F1 fan since my childhood when I got to visit France for their 1959 Gran Prix…my long love affair began there…the sounds, the cars, the smells and the drivers…it is all too amazing….and in all that time I never never wavered from my support of the Ferrari racing teams….

Last Sunday the 2016 F1 season came to a close with the Abu Dhabi Gran Prix won by Mercedes….back in the day it was heart pounding fun…today it is just too damn boring for words.

The leader in lap one is usually the winner.  The past decade has seen too much technology and little human involvement….it is no longer car and driver but rather computer to computer as these machines squirt out graphs and stats….no longer is the driver in charge…..instead sensors are used to determine tire changes, speed, gas consumption……etc.

Like I said…all too boring.

I have found the “minor league” races far more fun to watch…GP2, GP3, Formula E, electric racing, and Indy Car Series… least they are interesting and fun to watch……

Formula One has been bought by an American company Liberty…but NO amount of marketing will get rid of the boredom….Americans want racing that is why NASCAR is so popular…F1 as it is today will NOT attract many Americans to the races….plus there are NO American F1 drivers…that will be a draw back also.

F1 needs to return to the days of cars and drivers….not techno geeks and computers….if they want to make F1 more appealing then give them something to watch and cheer.


8 thoughts on “How To Break The Boredom

  1. Car racing began as a means of having a venue to test innovations to the vehicles; it’s a natural extension of racing horses, or other creatures, to determine their capabilities for transporting humans from place to place, faster.

    Then, money stepped in, before anyone realized it, a sport designed to test and showcase, became the means to make money from continuous innovation of the internal combustion engine, by constantly improving the vehicles, then selling the races as a form of spectator sport, another sport which began as a contest between people, for fun, to become a “market”, in which the few reap the benefits at the expense of the many.

    Never mind that it became clear by mid-twentieth century the petroleum based vehicle market was an environmental disaster; nobody by then was willing to give up their car, which was tied to their masculinity, their self-esteem, and their status in society…. plus, nobody wanted to admit there is a finite limit to oil… but, there is.

    I see auto racing today as another football, or baseball, or hockey, or tennis, or any other sporting event… They’re all a way to get people to spend their time, and thus, their money, on events and interests which have no practical benefit to them. It’s a way to distract them, and make them believe they are happy, and free, when in fact. they are neither….

    Sorry to be a bummer, but, anything that makes that much money becomes merely another tool for the control of the ignorant… I enjoyed playing sports as much as the next guy, but, I am NOT going to waste my time spending money to watch anyone else do it any more. It’s a fruitless pastime, and I’m sure I can find more relevant, and interesting stuff to do….

    I am, again, not trying to be offensive; I know you enjoy the races ( or used to; you appear to have reached the point where you see the flaws more than they want you to see…). But, it’s another very basic way people are kept from realizing their own mental slavery, one that is a very powerful ally of those sociopaths in control of the money insanity.

    gigoid, the dubious

    and thanks for the chance to rant… I get it out here, and don’t have to worry about it over at ECR…. *wink*

    g, td

    1. I agree completely…I have stopped watching the “normal” sports….but since childhood I just cannot move past the racing thing….you are very welcome….glad I could help…have a good day….chuq

  2. I too see Formula One as my “guilty pleasure”. While my sport’s viewing has shrivelled up like a 99 year old’s ball sack, it’s actually the only sport I watch more of now than 10-15 years ago. Except for 2-3 races a year, I all but stopped watching (for several reasons including lessened TV coverage). But it was FAR too predictable and there were far too many races where only 7-8 cars finished, some 2-3 laps down.

    While I like the hybridization and the trick to open the rear wing on straightaways to make passing possible again….you’re right. There’s FAR too much dependence on technology. Then again, the same is true for society as a whole. People can’t even take a piss without Siri’s help.

    Having recently watched Richie Cunningham’s Nicki Lauda story, “Rush”…I got nostalgic for an era when drivers needed balls the size of watermelons and when drivers mattered at least as much as what they were driving. It was a free-wheeling, dangerous, exciting and downright….human…time! Hell, even the cars had their own personalities. Most looked quite different from each other. Now everything is the same…cold, over designed and obscenely expensive. Not only do they not have to use clutches, they don’t shift gears anymore and they don’t even have steering “wheels”! Everything is push buttoned and “pre-programmed”. Even the drivers, most of whom don’t even shave yet, seemed programmed. They splurt out pre-scripted lines, even in the most emotional times of their lives.

    However, I don’t agree with your assessment of the Abu Dhabi race. It was probably the most exciting Formula One race (for 1st place) this season. (I didn’t see the one where the Mercedes wiped each other out.) Thanks to Lewis Hamilton, the gap between 1st & 4th was as small as it’s been in 10 years of racing. Actually, Lewis’s ultra-cynical move may have been the most authentic, human-driven, moment to come out of Formula One in a decade.

    Me? I’m a Ferrari fan, which is now akin to being a Toronto Maple Leaf fan. But I don’t watch to see who wins. I know the best racing is actually “mid-to-lower pack” where the 3rd Tier teams (with a shockingly appealing lack of ads on their cars) engage in back & forth racing for table scraps. I actually wish there were MORE “back-markers”, not fewer.

    1. Sorry and I agree the Abi Dhabi race was by far the race of the year….did you see that Rosberg retired last week….one and done…..sorry if I did not make myself clear….I have been reading about Formula E, electric motor racing….it sounds cool but cannot find it to watch dammit!

      When I started out with F1 there were NO sponsors on the cars….only the company that made them….now that was when racing was racing….

      NASCAR makes me ill…I am glad to see thee is a fellow F1 fan….

      1. I have a “complicated relationship” with F1. We broke up for a while, but still hooked up a couple times a year. We’re back together, but It keeps doing things I can’t stand. The flimsy un-car-like cars…the number of races in places where it just doesn’t belong…streets, deserts & especially places where alcohol is a crime….That’s just so anti-F1 to me and soooo hypocritical for those Muslim nations. I’m mostly in it for the Euro-races (and Montreal). That’s the bread & butter. They’ve strayed too much from that.

        Rosberg retired??? What the fuck? Dude wins the championship once and splits “for good” at 31??? Maybe Lauda explained “his odds of survival” to him, or something. But it does sound a little refreshingly “old school” to quit on the mountaintop and move on to the next party before you become a cynical careerist…which seems pretty standard these days. Either way, even with all the “gossip girls” in the so-called F1 press, I’m sure we’ll never hear the whole story. Hey, maybe it was a Hunt vs Lauda thing all over again. (See: Opie’s F1 film)

        As for Formula E…I think it only has 4 races a year and most are in racing Boonievilles. They are barely even mentioned by the network and are shown at widely varying times as filler between “more serious” events. They only last an hour and are all goddamn street circuits, which (other than Monaco) ain’t worth shit! When they run out of juice at the 1/2 way mark, they swap cars rather than swap out batteries. I don’t understand that at all. That part is bad press for electric, if you ask me. They also seem to crash into walls and tend to flip over more often than they should. That said, I do like watching it. Maybe I just feel less guilty about cheering electric cars than gas guzzlers.

        But old timer that you are, some of those Formula E names are familiar… Piquet, Prost, and 1-2 other “sons of” over the last 2 years I’ve been watching.

      2. I think Rosberg was racing for 11 years and he probably thinks that he can not match the feeling of winning it for the first time…..I read some place the the French GP will return in 2018 and can you believe that Germany may not have a GP this next year…WTF? I do not know but the Azerbaijan GP looked pretty challenging…..

      3. All these fucking Grand Prix Du Nowheres. It’s nice to have all continents represented (Africa???), but who needs Singapore & Malaysia (not even back to back weeks), or Bahrain & Abu Dhabi in the course of the SAME season? At least alternate them.

        But Germany??? No race??? Das ist totale scheisse!!!

        Somebody better tell Formula 1 Germany is the only Euro-nation economically “above water”, that their runaway top team is German, their current champ is German, that “Deutschland Uber Alles” has been played on the podium almost every race for the last 20+ years, and that Germany is a nation full of aspiring little “Schumies” who can’t get enough racing.

        Is F1 run by Democrats, or something?

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