Presidential War Is Unconstitutional

With the latest election I have been rather kind to the Obama admin….I have been busy trying to decide it the Trump admin will be better or worse for American involvement overseas……

But I shall rectify that oversight on my part…..

The wars that were are fighting now have NOT been authorized by Congress… stretches all the way back to the Bush admin…..if you think the Constitution is the law of the land then these wars are unconstitutional….period!

But let us take a look at the Constitution and war……

More generally, after 9/11, rather than following the congressional authorization and focusing like a laser beam on countering the original al Qaeda group and their patrons, the Afghan Taliban, the George W. Bush administration launched a general “war on terror,” which covered all terrorist groups of international scope, regardless of whether or not they focused on attacking US targets. In the end, this massive Bush administration violation of the narrow 2001 authorization led to illegal US drone wars and airstrikes in countries all over the Middle East and Southwest Asia, Somalia (against al-Shabab), Yemen (against al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula), Pakistan (against the Pakistani Taliban), and Iraq, Syria, and Libya (against ISIS). The Obama administration then accelerated all these unconstitutional wars. Now Obama is trying shore up the already thin legal fig leaf, so that it can pass such travesties – which actually make Islamist groups more rabid each time the US intervenes – onto the incoming Trump administration. When Obama took office, he complained that he inherited from the Bush administration an economic meltdown and a military quagmire in Iraq, but he in turn is bequeathing a legal quagmire to his successor.

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Have you noticed that the Congress has refused to do its job and vote on the authorization of war….and since they have not done their job….all these “wars” are unconstitutional and should be halted until such time as the Congress acts on the authorization thing.

Will Pres. Trump uphold the Constitution?  Or is it just a prop like with all other politicians?


21 thoughts on “Presidential War Is Unconstitutional

    1. according to the Constitution it is not a moot point….we could stand on semantics of what is a war….but the Const. was very forth coming….chuq

      1. I think you misunderstood my short reply. I am not questioning the validity of our (way too many) wars, just what Trump may have in mind to do about it.

  1. Presidential Executive Orders are being used in a manner for which they were not intended to be used. I think Congress should decide if controls are needed as with every other power of government or allow the President to make unilateral decisions for the country. Are we a Republic or an Empire? I’m having trouble trying to answer that right now.

      1. Actually, that article was extremely helpful and explained a lot using history that almost all Americans have conveniently forgotten or choose not to remember. My fear is that we’re too far down the Empire path to make any significant course correction.

  2. Trump will look upon the constitution and Congress as interference in his day by day CEO decisions on how to manage the business. To Congressmen who dare interfere: “You’re fired!” To anyone bringing up the constitution: “There is no constitution. There is what I want.” Then to those parts that don’t fit his current mood, “Delete that” and “Re-write that.” He just “bought” a new corporation. Now he must decide whether to break it up for parts and sell to the highest bidder, or whether it can be more profitable to invest in it and make it productive. He’s now putting together his board of directors to enact his edicts. He hasn’t got a clue about being president of a nation, he only knows principles of board room manipulations and financial shenanigans. People are resources, nothing more. At the highest level you employ those who will unquestioningly do your bidding. For the rest, you employ those who are the most skilled, the healthiest, and the cheapest. The remainder is not your problem. That’s how you make successful investments and run a “successful” business, and he’ll soon remind everyone that “the business of America is business.” Like George Soros, Trump is a driven narcissist and psychopath who believes that negative social consequences of his actions are none of his concern as long as the business turns a profit.
    Americans, out of frustration, followed the dictum, “desperate times call for desperate measures” but it never meant that desperate measures are good measures. This is going to go very badly for America but I’m willing to wait and see. Who knows, we may get hit by a giant meteor and the consequences of that would trump Trump’s game. My take on the whole fiasco. Take care o’ you Chuq.

      1. Well, let’s hope so! I was just giving an “inside look” at Trump’s mind, the way he’d like it to be… again, trying to make light of something that can’t be made light of. Thanks for all your posts, I’ve been reading but with some 100 others wanting some attention, and real work out there in the rain, mud and… “Oh do shut up, Sha’Tara, quit whining!” OK…

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