Hillary’s ‘Puppet’ Screed

Most recent elections have been very nasty and insulting…..the truth be known most of our elections since the 1800’s have been on the nasty side……its like we Americans cannot function in politics without the nastiness and the insulting demeanor….

But this time one candidate has pushed the nasty to a new level….and about here you, my reader, is thinking that I am talking about something Trump has uttered…..which could be an accurate assumption since he just cannot keep his mouth shut long enough to make actual points…..but in this case you would be mistaken.

That is right!  I am talking about Hillary Clinton…..and NO I am not a supporter of her either….but she has pushed the envelope of nasty a bit far…….

The American Conservative has taken a look at her accusation about Trump and Russia……

For months she had only intimated it, or delegated the real dirty work to her surrogates and campaign staff, but at the final televised debate this week Hillary Clinton finally let loose: Donald Trump is “a puppet” of the Kremlin, she declared.

It’s worth pausing to consider just how extreme and incendiary that allegation is. For Trump to be a “puppet” of a hostile foreign power—especially Russia, arguably America’s oldest continuous adversary—would be an event of earth-shaking magnitude, unrivaled in all U.S. history. It would mean that by some nefarious combination of subterfuge and collusion, the sinister Russian leader Vladimir Putin had managed to infiltrate our political system at its very core, executing a Manchurian Candidate-style scheme that would’ve been dismissed as outlandish in even the most hyperbolic 1960s-era espionage movie script.

Source: Hillary’s ‘Puppet’ Screed | The American Conservative

Just an after note…..the original “Manchurian Candidate” is far superior to the re-make…..if you have not seen it then I suggest that you have a movie date and watch….some of the rhetoric by the character in the Senate sounds familiar these days….


9 thoughts on “Hillary’s ‘Puppet’ Screed

  1. Not a big deal here — just the off-the-cuff desperation of the female temperament under fire and a foretaste of the emotion-driven irresponsibility that will mark the Oval Office should she be successful in attaining it for herself.

    1. I do not like her way of doing these things….she crossed a line…just as Trump crosses them….neither should ever get near the White House except on a tour.

      1. But one of them will and I think it will be the Big Hill because of my often-repeated theory that this is a coronation by the elite and not an election of the proletariat … (as it were.)

  2. LOL! But, of course it reminds you of a movie. Most everybody alive today, in this country especially, is so gullible about what they see on TV, or in movies, the real life scenarios playing out on the national political stage are nothing at which to be surprised.

    Those in government lie, unabashedly, because they KNOW their audience is preconditioned to be unable to apprehend the actual truth of any matter, and will accept almost anything if it is uttered in front of a camera…. Hell, most of the people driving on the streets these days drive as if they think they are living a version of “Fast and Furious”; what’s so surprising about vulgar politicians?

    Where do politicians, and their institutions (Army, Dept. of Whatever, FBI, etc.) go when they want to run a campaign of disinformation on the public’s awareness? Hollywood, or PR firms, which will create any reality now available by computer CGI technology, and make it seem real, adding whatever spin they want to manipulate. And the people at large lap it up, just as if it actually described reality.

    Is it any wonder our culture is mad? Virtually everyone acts as if delusions are real.

    gigoid, the dubious

  3. Since when does Trump care about anything other than his own ego? He won’t become your next President because he never wanted to be. He just didn’t like being roasted by Obama. Trump has been sabotaging his own chances to ensure he has no chance. Think about it … Trump following an American agenda, please!

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