Why Do We Fear Refugees?

My weekend begins and my granddaughter is visiting and we are arguing something we do often….but it is light hearted and informative….

Recently she had a class project about the refugees and the conflicts that have created the flood of people.  She does her own research and she found some stuff that sort of made her worry……it seems she had found in her research and in her classroom that people seem to fear refugees……she asked why.

She found this animated piece on youtube that explains it somewhat and she shared it with me……

Zygmunt Bauman, one of the most influential thinkers of our time, says many Europeans’ fear of refugees boils down to the idea of the “precariat” – people whose lives are marked by precariousness, anxiety and fear.

Bauman believes that in this era of global upheaval and movement, seeing people who have lost everything reminds us of our own vulnerabilities – how we could so easily lose our homes, our jobs and our loved ones.

I could have given her my take on it…..if the world does not want to help these people then stop making the crisis possible….but I wanted her to find her answers on her own…..

I gave her an “A” for her diligence in finding the answer to her question…..

And all I can say is….”That’s my girl”.


7 thoughts on “Why Do We Fear Refugees?

  1. Perhaps people started to get leery about emigrants back during the Mariel boat lift from Cuba, when we accepted about 125,000 undocumented people and thousands were actual criminals Castro just wanted to get rid of. They became our problem.

  2. The original problem is the divisive attitudes that are commonly held by anyone with a religion, or any sense of nationalism, or, for that matter, any human at all. Most of us, one way or another are taught to fear anyone not of our “tribe”, whether that tribe is a skin color, a gender, a country, a religion, or just a town. It all predisposes people to fear anything different from themselves, as well as to be afraid to learn about what is not understood.

    This is the basic problem behind all our difficulties, whether it is refugees, racism, sexism, and all the other issues that are giving society fits. All because humans seem to have a need to feel ‘special’, and better than others in some fashion…. and, I would point out, it’s all based on imaginary fears, of what MIGHT be true, but, most often isn’t.

    She did very, very well, for she came up with someone who pretty well nailed what I just said, though from a slightly different view to begin…. but, it comes down to imaginary fears, doesn’t it?….

    All cuz most refuse to actually USE what their imagination to reason.

    gigoid, the dubious

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