Collection on Islam’s Condemnation of Terrorism

How many times have you heard or read some dim wit on the Right go on and on about how there is NO Muslim condemnation of terrorism and from that leap they summarize that ALL Muslim support the acts of these terrorists.  Ever noticed that these “experts” have names like Smith, Jones, O’Doole and Klinschmidt (not real names just examples of those that offer lies to confuse to protect the STUPID)…….

First of that statement is pure bullshit!

I have posted many condemnations trying to pull back the lies of these mental midgets….I apologize mental midget is a horrible thing to say so I shall say it more clearly…RACISTS!

This is a collection of the condemnations that have been published……those that the Right refuses to use when they talk about terrorists attacks……these do not fit the lies they want Americans to believe……”if you say something often enough soon it is believed to be truth”………

Source: The Muslim Times’ Collection on Islam’s Condemnation of Terrorism – The Muslim Times

Haters will ignore this because it does not fit into the campaign of hate and lies……or they will come with some response that has little to do with the meat of this post, which is their typical response when met with facts……divert the conversation.

18 thoughts on “Collection on Islam’s Condemnation of Terrorism

  1. I don’t like massing anyone into a set group, but radicals are adamant about their convictions – yet other Muslims, radical or not, do NOT turn them in – what’s with that?

    1. They do but we seldom see it in print….several turned in the last idiot and the cops do not act…..and those radicals have nothing to do with the Quran….

      1. I cannot believe you identify as a hater. I have read some of your comments where you seem to dislike haters. I am sure you did not intend to use the word, “Hate” in your response.

      2. You are right….and I apologize…that was written at 3am before coffee and I mis-spoke…..a better would be cannot understand…..thanx for pointing that out

      3. No need to apologize. The Bible tells us that it is what is in the heart of man that comes out of the mouth. By the way I am a hater myself and I make no apology for it. Hate is one of the defensive mechanisms we have been blessed with for the sake of self defense against enemies and for self-preservation. Nobody on a battlefield tries to have sex with an enemy before they shoot him. So if Love is impossible then hatred must be the only solution left that wins the wars.

  2. The only thought that occurs is to reiterate my detestation for labeling ANYONE, ANYTHING, that makes them part of a group, for the practice leads to discrimination, which is only necessary to the degree we need to keep from bumping into things…. We label something, and all the crap we’ve been told that goes with that label comes to the fore, complicating the process…This is simplifying, naturally, but, it is what everyone goes through in their mind, without conscious control. To stop the discrimination process, we must be mindful of those processes, and where they lead us..

    They’re people. Beyond that, their behavior is about all I care about.

    gigoid, the dubious

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