ISIS: Could It Be Death From Within?

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This post is a moot point…..the US led coalition has started its assault on ISIS in Syria with airstrikes…….so the suggestions in this piece are not going to be taken seriously….but I feel that this is still a viable solution that will cost much fewer lives…….I apologize not posting it sooner but as usual events got the better of me.

Everybody concerned is scrambling around looking for the perfect solution for defeating the rise and expansion of the terrorists group known as ISIS….the US is dashing around trying to put together a coalition that will give some sort of credibility to our involvement in Iraq and the Middle East ……again.

Could the answer be as simple as death from within?

An interesting concept or thought……ISIS destroying itself……..the idea came from something I read the other day……..

It’s tempting to go after ISIS with military might, but that strategy will eventually backfire, writes Chelsea Manning from her prison cell at Fort Leavenworth. Based on her stint as an analyst in Iraq, Manning says that using “bombs and bullets,” is exactly what the group wants. Not only will it help recruitment, it will let ISIS justify its brutality by pointing to the big bad West, writes Manning in the Guardian. So what to do instead? Among other things, the world should set up temporary borders and let ISIS try to do what it says it can—govern a state.

“In a contained area and over a long enough period,” it’s doomed to fail. “This might begin to discredit the leadership and ideology of ISIS for good.” Smart containment and an international moratorium on ransoms to cut off the group’s money supply will help, but having the discipline to let ISIS unravel on its own is key. The militants are “wielding a sharp, heavy and very deadly double-edged sword,” writes Manning. “Now just wait for them to fall on it.” Click for the full column.

Manning has a point.  The coalition could have contained ISIS within a defined area and allowed it to consume itself.

But what type of defined area are we speaking about?

Think back to 1991…..Bush1’s war… you remember a tactic called the “no-fly zone”?

France, Great-Britain and the United States established successively, in 1991 and 1992, two zones in Iraq from which all flights by Iraqi fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft were excluded. When they were established, these zones were patrolled by France, British and American combat planes based, for the northern zone, at the Incirlik base near Adana in Turkey, and, for the southern zone, at bases in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

The first zone was situated north of latitude 36° N. It was established on 7 April 1991, six weeks after the end of the first « Gulf War ». It covered notably the city of Mossoul.

The second air exclusion zone was established south of latitude 32° N on 27 August 1992 and included the southern city of Basra. In September 1996 the United States and United Kingdom enlarged this zone up to the 33th degree of latitude while France distanced itself from this measure and never patrolled this new area.

A similar idea could be established around the areas that ISIS controls…..they could do what they will within the area but once outside the zones they would be attacked and destroyed.


4 thoughts on “ISIS: Could It Be Death From Within?

  1. It has some merit and is something we should be willing to try. I suspect though that cutting funds off electronically may prove difficult and there would always be outliers who would willing to supply them

    1. Probably, but I think we could have managed this….ISIS will fold under its own weight. It is too late for this to be tried……nbow the use of ground troops are mandatory….sad….

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