Then There’s A Farm Bill

Since the economy is today’s big issue….I would like to say something about the new Farm Bill.  You probably remember this from a month or so ago……it was more about the cuts in SNAP (food stamps) than it was about the farmers… the question that was asked is ….why should the poor suffer to help agribusiness?

An excellent question…..but a better question is why do we need a farm bill in the first place?  What happened to all the rhetoric about the free market mechanisms?  Do farms work outside the rules and laws of economics?  All good questions……is there good answers?

(Newser) – In what is being hailed by many as a sign of progress in DC, House and Senate negotiators are finally poised to pass a farm bill next month. But at the Washington Post, Charles Lane has a fundamental question: Why does the US even need a farm bill? The answer, in the days of the Great Depression, used to be food security. But in an era of ultra-cheap food in which farms produce tons more output than farms of yore, that’s “preposterous” now.

“Is there something about farming, as opposed to other businesses, that makes market economics uniquely inapplicable?” asks Lane, who thinks the bill is more about the “hammerlock” that the agriculture lobby has on the Capitol. Yes, the farm bill also includes the nation’s food-stamp program, called SNAP. But that’s simply the result of an old congressional deal that makes little sense anymore. Surely, Congress can find a way to help the poor without providing “corporate welfare for agribusiness.” Click for his full column.

My next question is…….if welfare is such a horrible word and those using the program are slackers and such…..what are the farmers that get a form of corporate welfare?  If ‘welfare’ is such a dirty word why is corporate welfare acceptable?

Anyone have good clear answers?  Lay’em on me!


2 thoughts on “Then There’s A Farm Bill

  1. I think there’s still room for a depression-era farm bill but only for the small farmer who continues to struggle and compete with big agribusinesses. Many of these small farms are start-up organic farms and they need all the help they can get to put some pressure on those who grow nothing by products used in processed foods, like corn. Few farms today grow many of the nutritional plants humans need to avoid nutrition deficiencies

    1. I can see the small farmers needed help….but the bill in question does more for large agribusiness than anything….but then what we are talking about is logical and commonsense….and we know there is NO room for those two characteristics in politics…..

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