Land Destroyer: CONFIRMED: US Claims Against Syria – There is no Evidence

Remember the “slam dunk” on the WMDs in Iraq?  Could we be looking at yet another scam perpetrated on the American people to get us into a way?


Could we be dumb enough to fall for the same crap yet again?


Land Destroyer: CONFIRMED: US Claims Against Syria – There is no Evidence.


14 thoughts on “Land Destroyer: CONFIRMED: US Claims Against Syria – There is no Evidence

  1. “We” are not falling for anything, but there is little we can do as citizens to stop politicians from waging war.

    And yes, I do believe this administration will drop more bombs on another country without the approval of congress, and no one will stand accountable in the end.

      1. I agree. It only made it slightly better when Bush got congressional approval before starting the war in Iraq.

        The good news is that I heard today that Obama has decided to seek approval, we may have a small chance to stop this before it is too late. Obama will also get to blame the “party of no” if the GOP votes against military action. Politics suck.

  2. My prediction.

    Forget what Obama is saying, the decision to attack Syria was made a week ago.

    After we attack Syria, Iran will attack Israel. We will have a sectional war. What Russia and Great Britain do will determine the death count.

    1. Again I disagree with you…our attack will be nothing in the long scheme of things… will not stop a war, or prevent more civilian deaths or get rid of Assad….all it will do is making the military need to replace their expensive toys….

      1. Don’t forget that military contractors make a bundle off of selling weapons to foreign governments once we show how good they are. We sold hundreds of Mi!2 tanks to Egypt after the first gulf war and several fighter jets to Israel.

      1. Hi FL… By that I meant the unhealthy waves of caution left in the US allies mouths after Bush’s WMD lies. I know in Australia it’d be a very, very, very hard sell to line up again beside the US on a battlefield after what happened. Seems the same sentiment is present in the UK. It’s a pity. The UN is utterly useless and there comes times when action has to be fast and resolute; something the US/UK/Australia and others could be trusted to do. Bush/Cheney ruined any goodwill, and what is left is only suspicion.

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