A Dreadful Wedding Story

If you have ever been married then there is most likely a story that is told at every family get together…..could be humorous or embarrassing or just plain stupid……but this guy has the worst day of just about any groom I can think of…….

(Newser) – John Azabache was supposed to be getting married Friday. Instead, he ended up getting arrested for allegedly raping one of his 16-year-old students. Needless to say, the wedding was called off, but the Journal News reports that Azabache did still utter the words “I do”—when he was asked by the judge whether he understood the order of protection keeping him away from the woman he was supposed to have married that very day. (Though he will likely see her again; the AP reports that she’s on the prosecution’s witness list.) The teen’s family told Ossining, NY, police Wednesday that the girl had sex with the 31-year-old math teacher twice over the past 4 months, and by the next night guests had been informed the wedding was off.

Says the would-have-been-bride’s spitfire-of-a-grandma, 92: “He always seemed like a nice guy. You men are all alike. You stink. I hope they send him to jail forever.” The Westchester County man, who has been with the Ossining school district since 2008 but has now been “reassigned from teaching,” pleaded not guilty. His lawyer insists that the charges don’t involve “any forcible compulsion,” but rather “an alleged incident with a minor, someone who is just under 17 years old.”

What can I say?  Maybe next time spend a less time trying to get into her pants and a little more learn about her….age would be a great place to start……..

Any thoughts?


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