Supreme Court DOMA Decision


12 thoughts on “SCOTUS And DOMA

    1. Hi lauren and thanx for the reblog…I appreciate the exposure……I agree that one lie is the whole basis of their opposition…..kinda pathetic.

      1. Yep…..with all the problems we have facing us these days and this is the fight they want….I have a problem with these twits inserting themselves into a persons private life…..

      2. I agree. People have a fit over their guns NOT being taken away and a fit over government prying into their personals life yet these are the ones backing traditional marriage and limiting reproductive rights. But then again look at our Congress, or lack there of

      3. I agree….Congress is nothing but a circus and the people they are elected are clowns with a pathetic act….

      4. Lol. You pretty much just summed them up. What happened to a country of unity and freedom? America is quite the opposite now; so full of hate and negativity. It’s sad. Or four fathers are turning over in their grave right now.

      5. Thanx lauren……I have never stopped and will not until I croak…..the people need to be the ultimate power not the checkbooks of billionaires….thanx for stopping by again…..I appreciate the comment……chuq

  1. “[our] four fathers are turning over in their grave right now.” Could not agree more, and I weep for the future we are leaving for the next generation.

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