Obesity, Obesity!

It is that time of year again….when the millionaires write books and explain obesity to the world……

This is another of those issues that I have tried to explain to people….and yet every year some bimbo tries to make it an issue, especially if they write books and have all the answers……the problem is their answers are totals BS…..for one it is the myth that people make the bad choice……..choice presumes that there is an alternative…..maybe if your are a millionaire writer……but regular people have to choose rent, gas, utilities and then food…..and at this point they will buy the biggest bang for their buck…..that would be “unhealthy” food stuffs……but to pretend that poor people have a choice is being an elitist…..and a typical pundit that has all the answers…..

Okay, obesity is a problem……that can lead to diabetes and other health ailments……do you think poverty could be part of the problem?  Well not to the millionaires that know what the problem is because they know how to use Google……..it is all those poor choices that poor people make…..and it can be solved by government intervention……

But first, just how bad is the obesity and poor eating of Americans…….some tourist made an excellent observation….”Americans eat too much butter, lard, salt pork and all around greasy foods”……. sounds pretty accurate, right?  Well that observation was made be French visitors in 1807……I say that again for effect…..1807!

Looks like this is not a modern problem….we Americans have always made bad choices in our dining experiences……not an excuse but rather stating the reality of it all…..to this end….will any amount of ranting and raving by people wanting to sell their newest book on their newest cause ever change Americans and their love of food?

I think not!  Why?

(Newser) – Crack down on industrial, fatty junk food, the deep-fried stuff that leads to obesity, and Ron Rosenbaum is with you. But keep your hands off his roast goose, his clotted cream, and his split-shank bone marrow, thank you very much. The “hysterical crusade against fat has become a veritable witch hunt,” writes Rosenbaum in the Wall Street Journal. Food prudes often lump all types of fat together as evil—apparently ignorant of the fact that eating “basic, earthy, luxuriant fatty foods” makes you feel full and thus stop eating.

Roast goose, in particular, “is a supremely succulent, mind-alteringly flavorful fatty food,” he writes. And “listening to the doctors on cable TV, you might think that it’s better to cook up a batch of meth than to cook with butter.” Ignore them, he advises, ticking off a list of his other fatty delights, from cheesecake made with heavy cream to Peking Duck. Keep the portions moderate and dig in. Click for the full column, in which Rosenbaum picks out the title of his book if his advice catches on: Eat Fat, Stay Slim.

Sorry, but I agree…….

I was a chef and it you wanted to kill a restaurant then offer nothing but fat free choices…..I understand the need for healthy foods and I understand people that want to change their eating habits…..but it is their choice and should not be made to do something that they do not feel is in their best interest……we cannot protect ourselves from ourselves….you can try….but you will surely fail.

If we want people to eat more nutritious food then help them get out of poverty….if they have more disposable income then these types of choices should be easier…..until then….no amount of bitching and complaining will change the obesity rate and the health problems that comes with it……..fairly easy choice…….in my opinion.

To me all the pundits are more concerned with vanity than health……..somehow their body mass is tied to their  self worth……….

Where does all this stop?  Pundits selling their books and making their decisions my decisions…….where does it end?  Maybe in a back room where they have the sodas, chips, ice cream, etc and one must be 21 to enter…….just where will it end?


2 thoughts on “Obesity, Obesity!

  1. “Americans eat too much butter, lard, salt pork and all around greasy foods”……. sounds pretty accurate, right? Well that observation was made be French visitors in 1807”

    An apples to oranges comparison, IMO. Let’s not forget that there were NO processed foods back then that now supplement most diets today and lifestyles 200 years ago didn’t give many people the opportunity to keep the weight on. That and shorter lifespans from health factors not related to diet, like no or poor hygiene.

    The point being missed here about meat fats is not solely about obesity, as important as that is. The casein protein found in meats and dairy is the primary factor that impacts the second worst disease this society deals with today – CANCER.

    I’m not trying to be a “food prude” but this article makes a good point at one level while dismissing the other problem with meat fat, no matter how choice it.

    It should be pointed out that the meat fat alone is not the culprit here. Each individual’s metabolism will break down the elements at various rates. It become a threat primarily because we avoid doing the other things necessary to offset the effects of meat fat. Eating too much of it and not exercising.

    I love meat though I have chosen to avoid it for two reasons. One, we really don’t need it. We can survive quite well on a plant-based diet with protein sources that don’t contribute to cancer, i.e. beans, rice and potatoes. As a result my health will improve and thus my medical expenses will start to disappear. In this day and age of high medical costs, especially as we get older, isn’t this worth getting the meat and dairy out of our diets as frequently as we can?

    Two: Our choice for meat ignores the cruel slaughter houses that exist to feed our meat cravings. The animal waste at this plants pollute air and water and contribute greatly to green house gas buildup in our atmosphere, a factor that worsens man-made global warming. As you mention Dr. Chuq, the elites are capable of eating game food that hasn’t been raised on a factory farm or injected with drugs to fatten them up quicker, but most of the rest of us can’t always.

    I agree with you that change will not come unless people choose to change but without the information they need on a steady basis to counter the promoters of fat farm foods, that change is not likely to happen. We need to be enablers of choice by promoting the information everyone needs, not by positioning our arguments around some straw man that sees vegans as demons.

    Thanks for allowing me to do my soap box spiel.

    1. Anytime Larry…you are welcome to rant anytime. But what do you think about these people that try to demand what you consume? I think if it was more affordable people would make healthier choices….but that will never happen and in as such we will remain a consumer of the unhealthy…

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