Water, Water Everywhere!

They say that there must be water if we are to find life on other planets……remember life here started out there……..so will we find the element needed for life?

It is Sunday and a day without politics and a day with scieney stuff……

Newser) – Scientists say they’ve spotted water vapor and carbon monoxide in the atmosphere of a huge gas planet some 130 light-years from Earth, NBC News reports. That doesn’t mean life exists there—the planet, HR 8799c, is way too hot and gassy—but it does highlight our growing ability to learn about far-away worlds. “The big surprise was actually that we could do it,” says the co-author of the study, published in Science. “We can actually see the individual lines of these molecules.”

Astronomers used a telescope in Hawaii to conduct the scan, the most detailed ever of an alien planet’s atmosphere. One day they could do the same with smaller, earth-sized planets, they say, if the telescope is planted on a dedicated spacecraft. Another neat finding: The authors say planets in the system formed as Earth did, by accruing the dust and gas that surrounds infant stars. But not everyone buys that interpretation: “Theorists are clever,” says a dubious astrophysicist. “It’s hard to paint them into a corner.”

Will this be Earth 2?


6 thoughts on “Water, Water Everywhere!

  1. If you played on the Law of Averages, then the answer would have to be ‘Yes’. MIght not be a perfect match, but the similarities would be very close indeed. Another analogy is to take six dice. If rolling these dice a single time, resulting in all showing the number six on the top face, represented Earth or an Earth type plant. How many times would you need to roll the dice, to produce the same result? Even if the number was a billion or trillion, you’d still have more planets in our universe then rolls of the dice. If we have found gas gaints similar to those in our own solar system, surely it’s only a matter of time…..

    1. Dan, back in January I predicted that we would find “Earth 2”, the planet not the TV show, I guess just hoping this one will make it so…..

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