Should Women Be In Combat?

The US has moved into the 21st century and made it official that women can be in active combat units…..they have been in a non-official capacity for years……but no they are legal, so to speak.  We can look at other countries in this world where women are actively engaged in combat and do perfectly fine…..Israel comes to mind…….IMO, women are qualified to do anything that we macho dudes can do…with the exception of shaking it after we pee……

I have heard all the complete bonehead rants about why they, women, should be excluded from combat……here are a couple of the more stupid of the comments…….

  • Women are too weak. Boykin believes soldiers still need certain “levels of sheer physical strength, speed, and endurance that are relatively rare among women.” But wait, if they’re “relatively rare” doesn’t mean that they, you know, exist?
  • Soldiers need to pee in front of each other! Boykin warns that combat missions often offer no access to base facilities. “Living conditions can be abysmal and base. … Soldiers and Marines have to relieve themselves within sight of others.” Apparently women aren’t just weak, they’re squeamish.
  • It would humiliate men. Even if some few women can cut it, Boykin has argued, “I certainly don’t want to be in that environment with a female, because it’s degrading and humiliating to do your personal hygiene and other normal functions” in front of them. So it’s not just the women who are squeamish.
  • Women are too sexy. Soldiers won’t be able to focus, Boykin argues, “in an environment that combines life-threatening danger with underlying sexual tensions.” Given that one VA survey found that 49% of women serving in the Middle East had been sexually harassed, apparently things are already pretty sexually tense.
  • Women might quit. Boykin worries that women will have “very little protection” from being put on the front lines, which would force them to “reconsider their place in the armed services. … That would be tragic.” Saletan’s response: “You can almost feel the general’s tears of sorrow. Women who have voluntarily joined the armed forces—that would be 100% of them—might run away, tragically, if their unofficial exposure to mortal risk, unshowered men, and outdoor urination becomes official.”

Only an idiot would object to women being in combat………if they are capable and willing then they should be embraced…..after all there are many, many Americans who refuse to go into combat for whatever lame reason they may have…..I salute women and wish them well……


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