Inquiring Minds Want To Know

Or do they?

If you spend enough time on the web then you will run into people that have all the answers and anyone that disagrees with them is a commie or a socialist or a fascist or mentally ill……in other words they are wrong in their beliefs or stands……we have all the terms but my favorite is “sheeple”….meaning people that follow blindly….and the scary part (actually it is more like pathetic)…………….. are the ones blindly following are the ones calling other sheeple…….how is that?

Can a mind be called “inquiring” if it is exposed to only one source?  By one I mean the same sort of thinking… NewsMax and Hannerity or NPR and The Nation or Marx and Harrington…..if one does not study opposing ideas how can they presume to be free thinking or have an inquiring mind?

Then there are the “Think Tanks”………these organizations only research for the people and organizations that fund them….there are few independent think tanks……when one reads a paper presented by one of these then go find where their funding comes from and that way you will know if it is a true  exercise in free thought………in short, think tanks serve only special interests….no matter which side of the political spectrum they fall….NOTHING inquiring about their assumptions…..these institutions are no more than propaganda arms of a political party….most are biased and their “academic” work is titled toward their benefactors, seldom without prejudice….

And then there are those that explain away any opposition as being solely biased, blaming their thought processes as some sort of mental illness.  There is nothing inquiring about insults and name calling…that is a small mind working….as the old saying goes….”you are entitled to your opinion, but not to your own facts”……the truth is that thanks to the internet the days of “free and inquiring minds” is long dead…..replaced with bullies and insulting toads.  Sadly, there seems to be no end to the insanity……and sadly this could be the end of inquiring minds.

In conclusion let me quote the words of one of our Founding Fathers, James Madison……..”Knowledge will forever govern ignorance, and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives”……….


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