Song Remains The Same

Remember the day after the defeat of Mitt (BTW he got 47% of the popular vote….how’s that for a bit of irony?) and the movers and shakers of the GOP were backpedaling from Mitt on almost every issue….and an air of optimism began to settle on the political horizon that there would be a move to end all the partisan BS?  Future GOP candidates after candidate began talking smack about being a more all inclusive party if they are to survive.  Even some of thew bloggers that I follow on the Right were singing this song or should I say…were humming the tune?

Now about 3 weeks after the fact, the bloggers are back calling liberals socialists and poking a finger at the MSM for being too biased and then there is Washington DC……slowly but slowly the politicians are returning to the tone that was taken in early 2009.

All the political posturing is back……from Benghazi to debt to taxes to that fav of the MSM, the “fiscal cliff”……..I see the GOP is keeping to the record of a old white guy’s party….their new understanding about women has shown NO progress in their choices of committee chairmen or the need to reach out Latinos…..but I guess patting Rubio on the back at every occasion is change enough for this cycle…..

NOTHING and I mean nothing will change!  Some minor hand holding will be the best we can do as far as bi-partisanship goes….like the most recent situation…….

From the WaPo………

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) don’t agree on much these days, but the two lawmakers released statements Tuesday supporting the measure. Boehner called O’Neill “a giant in the history of the House,” while Pelosi described him as “a legend in the Congress and a bona fide American hero.”

The proposed “Thomas P. O’Neill, Jr. Federal Building,” which sits vacant on 2nd Street SW between C and D Streets SW, previously housed agencies of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. A mix of executive and legislative branch employees will occupy the building when the building reopens in late 2013, following a full-scale renovation that is taking place.

All the hopes for some sort of bi-partisanship is just that……a hope that will not be realized.  Why?  The political song remains the same.


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