Looking For Redemption?

It is Sunday and time for some of that Old time religion!

In a little over one month the world will END!   That is if you are a believer of the prophecy of the Maya….on 21 Dec 2012 their long count calendar will end…..signalling the end of the world as we know it……or it could, in my opinion, mean that the Maya need to go out and buy a new calendar…….but anyway if it does end, who will be redeemed or who will be raptured out?

There is an answer for all you that are concerned with the predicted end……..Thanx to my daughter for the site……..

What’s the price of redemption, fellow sinners? Well, according to this offer posted on Russian site Kupon Klub, it’s just 500 rubles ($16). Come on, you have to admit that’s a bargain! But, truth be told, it’s 50% off thanks to the kindness of an Italian Catholic church that has offered to pray for the forgiveness of your sins at half price. All someone has to do is buy this holy coupon and send its unique number to an email address mentioned on site. No matter how much you’ve sinned over the years, you can buy just one coupon for yourself, but you can get as many as you want to have your loved-ones’ sins forgiven as well. According to Lifenews.ru, the organizers of this bizarre campaign believe the number of sold coupons will be in the millions, but with 37 days to go to expiry, only 110 people have bough the discounted indulgence vouchers. That’s right, 110 people believe paying $15 for a coupon will open their way into Heaven.

Here’s how the description of the offer sounds: According to predictions, our world is coming at an end. But we should not be sad. The Catholic Church of Assisi, in the Italian region of Umbria, in the province of Perugia, on the southern slope of Mount Subasio, high above the picturesque confluence or the rivers Tiber and Chiascio, is organizing the forgiveness of your sins. In this grey, depressing time it gives us all a wonderful gift – an astounding 50% discount on personal indulgence. What is indulgence? It’s the first step on the path to God. (I’m not a Russian speaker, but this what I could make out using Google Translate).

Apparently the first step to having your sins forgiven through indulgences is doing good, so all the proceeds from buying these coupons will go to charity. The number of personal indulgences is limited, so go on “Take care of your soul!”

Just send in your cash and wait for the end………your redemption is at hand……

12 thoughts on “Looking For Redemption?

  1. I’m a little skeptical. I have downloaded coupons before from the internet only to have Kroger or Walgreen’s tell me they do not honor some types of coupons.

    Is there a money back offer if St. Peter refuses my coupon at the pearly gates?

      1. Not Christians, but phonies trying to make a buck. Same assholes that preach the end of the world for an hour on television, then ask Grandma to send half her retirement so Mr. Preacher Man can build a library, a house of redemption.

        The world’s ending, but he’s building a library. Nice.

  2. People who think the Mayan calendar predicts the end of the world don’t understand Mayan civilization. It doesn’t predict the end of the world, but signifies the end of an age, at which time a new one will begin.

    Another example of shysters trying to make a buck. Y2K all over again. It’s them nutballs who listen to George Noory.

    1. Terrance, I read some where that more to the long count calendar was found in Central America and it goes on for another couple of thousand years….

  3. I would like some of those coupons. They would make great Christmas gifts for some of my relatives. (Early Christmas gifts, I guess.)

    1. Hi Arlene, thanx for stopping by always good to see a new face…..they (coupons) would make shopping so much easier and talk about one stop shopping…..Wal Mart could make a bundle….

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