Will 2012 Be The End?

Time for a couple days without the musings Mitt and Newt and to talk about a few things that are in the news that may not be common knowledge……..crap!  Mitt wins Nevada!

Like most people I am fascinated by all things Maya…….I am amazed that the people that did not use the wheel and had no machination built pyramids and whole cities with the use of a stick and string….so with that I was shocked to read a post about the discovery of a new Maya city………

Archaeologists have discovered the ruins of an ancient Mayan city in the mountains of North Georgia believed to be at least 1,100 years old. According to Richard Thornton at Examiner.com, the ruins are reportedly what remains of a city built by Mayans fleeing wars, volcanic eruptions, droughts and famine.

In 1999, University of Georgia archeologist Mark Williams led an expedition to investigate the Kenimer Mound, a large, five-sided pyramid built in approximately 900 A.D. in the foothills of Georgia’s tallest mountain, Brasstown Bald. Many local residents has assumed for years that the pyramid was just another wooded hill, but in fact it was a structure built on an existing hill in a method common to Mayans living in Central America as well as to Southeastern Native American tribes.

Speculation has abounded for years as to what could have happened to the people who lived in the great Meso-American societies of the first century. Some historians believed that they simply died out in plagues and food shortages, but others have long speculated about the possibility of mass migration to other regions.

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Speaking of the Maya………

We all have heard the doomsday predictions from just about everyone who fancies his/her self as a sage…..our buddy the minister that cannot seem to get it right, good old reliable Nostradamus, the Chinese, I-Ching, and a whole host of others to include the Maya, who are pretty specific in the date, 21 December 2012….but with all this hocus pocus is there any proof that the end is near?  Or is it just a whole bunch of wishful thinking and bravado?

NASA is reporting……that the earth could be hit by the effects of a massive solar storm….

In a new warning, Nasa said the super storm would hit like “a bolt of lightning” and could cause catastrophic consequences for the world’s health, emergency services and national security unless precautions are taken.

Scientists believe it could damage everything from emergency services’ systems, hospital equipment, banking systems and air traffic control devices, through to “everyday” items such as home computers, iPods and Sat Navs.

large swathes of the world could face being without power for several months, although he admitted that was unlikely.

A more likely scenario was that large areas, including northern Europe and Britain which have “fragile” power grids, would be without power and access to electronic devices for hours, possibly even days.

He said preparations were similar to those in a hurricane season, where authorities knew a problem was imminent but did not know how serious it would be.

Oh my God……without the use of cels, Ipods and pads….the world will truly end for those 20 somethings that cannot exist without a electronic device of some sort shoved up their butts….I think us old farts will be fine, we lived without the gadgets of today and we can live without them again (at least for awhile)….thoughts?

10 thoughts on “Will 2012 Be The End?

  1. Speaking of ends, perhaps you can clear up for me why I haven’t seen your blog on the WordPress postaday blog scroll for a very long time. Whereas I use to scroll down 14 pages of blogs to get to the day before, now it’s less than 3 pages. I figured after the new year (2012) people stopped participating, but I’m not so sure anymore. It seems you’ve been posting all along–or am I wrong about that?

  2. I researched this story a few weeks ago and found it to be highly exaggerated. The archeologist involved even claimed he did not say “maya”. It would be cool if it was true, but I dont think it is. When the maya disappeared they left for outer space, at least thats what the history channel has me believing. lol!!!

    1. Hansi, can you imagine the 20 somethings without electricity? Could be looking at massive suicides similar to the dives out windows in the 1929 crash…me? I still have books my mind will continue on….

  3. Hmm. I read somewhere that there is an internet program that picks up chatter surrounding certain events. Like for 9/11, “towers,” “Bush,” etc. From that doomsday date to May 2013, there is nothing. Maybe that has to do with that solar storm.

    The kiddies will wig out. I think I’ll just kick back and read real books and write real letters. And curse the fact that doomsday was just a long black out. 🙂

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