Only Good War Is My War!


While the people were screaming their heads off and eating nachos and guzzling beer……routing for their fav B/Ball team…the world went to WAR!  Yet again!

Yes, Irene the US has once again attacked an Arab country…this time with the help of the UN….and this time to protect civilians from the conflict raging around them between Qadafi and rebels…….to prevent innocent civilians from being caught up in the fledgling civil war……..

And of course, the GOP and its members in Congress who have been harping for a couple of weeks for the President to get more involved and stop dragging his feet….have this to say about the newest military action…..

House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) on Sunday pressured President Obama to better explain the U.S.’s objectives in Libya before proceeding with further military actions.

Boehner did not specifically call for a declaration of war, or a speech before a joint session of Congress, but he did call on the president to articulate the goals of the mission.

Boehner and other Congressional leaders were briefed on Friday by Obama before the president announced that he had authorized the military to participate in allied actions in Libya.

My best reaction to this statement is….HA….HA….HA… I said to the GOP the only good war is their war…….and then we have the rattling buffoons like McCain and Graham who are acting like tired old men that do not want to bitch about the presidential action while bitching about the presidential action….typical BS from typical BS masters!

Please do not take my post as anything but what it is intended to be…….I am personally anti-war….I fought in one of the US great war….and I believe that we should keep our noses out of others conflicts….but I will agree with the Speakers intention…..tell the American people just what it is that the US will be doing and how long will we be doing it……..

I do not think that the GOP needs to have this righteous indignation about this war……theirs have cost Americans much more than this one will (at least that is my hope)………..

We Americans are getting pretty fed up with all this political one-up-manship played by both sides of the aisle….war time is NOT the proper time to play games….tell the American people what to expect….and tell the truth this time….try not to fall into the tag line of “tell us what we want to hear”….TELL US THE TRUTH!

One last question……what about the other humanitarian problems in say Bahrain or Yemen….why are these just NOT that important?  I mean places like Yemen are killing protesters daily….but yet the priority was Libya…..why?  Or could it be a misdirection on the happenings elsewhere in the Middle East?  Or could it be that “friends” do not commit humanitarian atrocities?

Just wondering!

11 thoughts on “Only Good War Is My War!

  1. Sad situation. It seems that EVERY situation is simply a publicity opportunity to many politicians! Assholes!

    I accept what you say about other “humanitarian” situations, but I think the scale of the problem is much greater in Libya and (additionally) Gaddafi is undoubtedly an active enemy of the West, both past and present. Why we ever attempted to deal with such a slimy bastard I don’t know – he has ALWAYS been a far worse asshole than the despot Bush attacked!

    1. I agree with all you say….Qadafi is and will be an asshole……I just want people to know that their are more people dying in the ME than just the rebels in Libya….and they are governments using excessive force against unarmed civilians….but they are “friends” and that seems to make a difference…..

      1. I’m afraid you’re right, but then unless an apparent majority decide to “ask” for some assistance, it’s difficult to know what we could do. However, the “friends” agle does apply and probably shouldn’t – but then…

        You gotta love diplomacy as much as democracy, haven’t you? Ugh!

  2. Really good point. If it was the GOP who initiated the war, no questions. Since it was Obama/Democrat/Marxist/Socialist/Whatever who gave the go signal, now everything will be questioned.

    1. I like the douche bags that want a statement…..I say read the UN re4solution and they would have their answer….that is…presuming they can read…..

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